Sample Paper on Beliefs and Experience Related to Death and Dying

Question 1

I once had to attend to a terminally ill patient. I have never felt as helpless as I felt during the two weeks that I had to help the patients with almost every activity. I could not help feeling sorry for them. As a Christian, I was torn between offering them hope that God could turn things around and assuring them that if he died a saved person, he would have every reason to be calm about it. Eventually, my decision was to pray to God that His will be done. The patient was helpless and could hardly move. He was suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and thus, it was my responsibility to make sure that I was there to offer help in all the daily activities. The stiffness and twitching of his muscles made his life evidently unbearable. He would sometimes choke while eating as a result of his state.

Question 2

My faith clearly says that physical death is just the beginning of eternal life. According to my faith, the most important thing for a person at their death bed is salvation because it would assure the eternity in heaven. My faith’s assertion in relation to death has an impact on my preferences for end of life care. End of life care should be all about making sure that one dies in peace. I believe that if I cannot do anything to extend their life on earth, I should at least show compassion and love for them just the way Jesus would have done. I believe that regardless of what a patient has done in their life, they still have a chance of making it to heaven, just like the thief who was crucified with Jesus. The thief had a chance of getting salvation just before he died.

Question 3

As a nurse, I am expected to offer round the clock hand-on care to the patients. I am supposed to do anything that I can to improve the quality of life of a patient during the end of life care. Additionally, I am aware that there are various important decisions that have to be made at this point by both the patients and their family members. Therefore, it is my role to make sure that all the relevant information and guidance are available to patients and their family members. From the spiritual point of view, I have the responsibility of praying for the patients and making it known to them that God loves them. It is also my conviction that I talked to them about life after death and talk them into salvation if they are not saved.

Question 4

Feeling 2 & 3 of the CA Advanced Directive felt odd. However, it also felt like a responsible move as it seemed to be a way through which one would be making decisions easier for others. For instance, part two clearly gave a direction of what should happen with regard to the kind of treatment that one gets at their death bed. It is also seen that Part 3 gave me an opportunity to save other lives by availing my organs. Notably, it is important for people to think about more than just themselves. The donation organs, parts, and tissues are a way that a Christian can ensure that other people benefit from their death through such donations.