Sample Paper on Code of Ethics on Crunch Fitness

  1. Does the organization have any codes of ethics?

Crunch Fitness has a code of ethics that guides as principles to most of the relationships and activities within the company. For example, the company follows the age limit strictly, especially when signing membership contracts. This is to avoid legal issues to do with serving minors or those under-aged.

  1. Do you believe that your company is socially responsible?

Social responsibility refers to the obligation an organization has towards the interests or well-being of members of the society it does its operations.The organization is socially responsible in various ways as a way to give back to the society. Within the organization, the company takes responsibility when members or employees experience injuries or accidents whereby they can offer preliminary attention such as first aid. In the broader society, the company can make donations or facilitate fundraisers as a way to give back to the society.

  1. Identifying with them how they are economically, legally, ethically, and discretionally responsible

The company is economically responsible when it meets its economic obligations such as obtaining enough membership so that employees and other stakeholders are paid as appropriately.

Legally, the company is responsible by taking into consideration the legal statuses of their employees before they hire them. Most importantly, however, the company is legally responsible by following all regulations and policies by authorities such as obtaining licenses.

Ethically, the business is responsible by ensuring that every employee separates what is wrong and right. This ensures unethical issues such as harassment at the company do not happen.

The company is discretionary responsible by extending certain free benefits to the society, for example, giving free memberships that can go even for six months, or making other donations.