Sample Paper on Develop a proposal for a group for Caregiver Burnout

Develop a proposal for a group for Caregiver Burnout. The group proposal should clarify the rationale for the group; take into consideration its potential members, the group as a whole, the sponsoring organization, social worker activities, and the meeting environment. It is a preliminary plan that sorts out the direction the group will take and a rational format for reaching the leader’s goals for the group.

The following outline is designed to assist you in planning a successful group. Answer all of the questions as specifically as you can. Integrate course readings and discussions.

1. Describe the type of group you are forming.
2. Why is there a need for this group?
3. What is the goal (purpose) of the group” (By the end of the group, what will the members have achieved? How will this be measured?)
4. Discuss the criteria for the group and selection process. (referrals, voluntary, involuntary)
5. How many members will be in group?
6. What will the composition of the group be?
• Age and sex of members
• Social/emotional level and capacity of members
• Behavior patterns relevant to members
7. Describe and discuss the screening and/or orientation process.
8. How will members be prepared for the group experience?
9. What topics will be explored?
10. What do you expect to be the characteristics of various stages of the group? What might the problems be at each stage, and how will you cope with them?
11. How will you handle any risks for group members that might exist? How will you prepare group members for these risks?
12. Role and function of the Social Worker
13. What will the structure of the group be?
• Number of meetings’
• Frequency of meetings
• Length of meetings
• Location of meetings (include room structure and considerations)
• Size of group
14. Therapeutic technique/approach along with strengths and challenges of this technique.
15. What will the general pattern of the meetings be? Examples include:
a. How will you open the group
b. How will topics for discussion be generated.
c. How will ground rules and agreements be established?
• Confidentiality, reports to referring agency (Probation, DCFS, treatment team)
• Attendance
• Food
• Smoking
• Conflict resolution
16. Describe any activity along with the rationale for using the activity.
17. Are there agency or organizational policies that will affect the groups’ development?
18. What key people need to be contacted for approval, advice, support, and so forth?
19. Describe the process that will be used to evaluate the group.