Sample Paper on Discrepancies of Bing Bang Theory

Discrepancies of Bing Bang Theory

The big bang is a leading theory that is used in the explanations that use the natural processes that justify the origin of the earth. The theory supports the facts that every matter that is found in the universe came into existence from a point of immense density and temperature that is referred to as a singularity. According to the theory, for a duration of about fourteen billion years ago, this singularity was subjected to a speedy inflation of matter, time, space, and energy that in the long run evolved and organized itself into a formation of planets, stars, and galaxies. The big bang, as per the theory, was an expansion of space and time, but it was not an explosion conventional sense of the term.However, just like an explosion, it was extremely energetic and resulted in a lot of chaos (Kragh, 2014).

Mathematical Discrepancies of Big Bing

The big bang model was indicated to be having significant mathematical discrepancies between the observed results and expectations in the year 1993 and 1998.Big bang cosmologists have responded to the discrepancies and as a result, they came up with two general ideas that were intended to violate Occam’s razor and the way physics is understood in the present times. This was meant to help them in maintaining the consistency of their calculations (Kragh, 2014).

Dark matter

In the year 1933, astronomer Fritz Zwicky made an observation concerning the Coma supercluster that explained that it rotated at a high speed that could make it hard for its gravity to holds it together. Another astronomer made a similar conclusion regarding the galaxy. The idea of dark matter has been invented by astronomers to explain such discrepancies in the observations of galaxies and galactic groups, superclusters, and clusters(Kragh, 2014).

Some astronomers have as well opposed the idea of dark matter as being falsified. They have concluded that dwarf satellite galaxies of the Milky Way are consistently aligned in a plane and do not have any particle of dark matter. This evidence is therefore meant to prove that the astronomer Kroupa managed to convince and falsify the hypothesis of Big Bang. This has developed a lot of attention from the astronomical community where they are supporting that there is no existing prove to support natural universe(Feuerbacher, & Scranton, 2006).

Dark Energy

There has been a current existing speculation among the astronomers and cosmologists concerning the nature of dark energy for the last one decade. The dark energy was meant to explain that extension of the universe keeps on accelerating instead of slowing down. The concept was developed because scholars lacked any other explanation for the acceleration of the universe. The concept is meant to explain the discrepancies that exist between the astronomical observations of the way the universe is expanding contrary to their expectations (Feuerbacher, & Scranton, 2006).


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