Sample Paper on Does The Shape of a Person’s Nose Determine Their Temper?

In some cultures, the facial features of a person are believed to indicate their temperament. In particular, the shape of the nose is believed to be an indicator as to whether the person is tempestuous or not. Oftentimes, it is believed that persons with sharp noses have stormy tempers and are easier to annoy. This is believed to be the case, especially for women. The researcher has always been careful when handling persons with sharp noses so as not to anger them.

The researcher proposes research to determine whether the shape of one’s nose has a bearing on a person’s temper. The study will involve a group of subjects, both male and female who will have to take an emotional intelligence test. They will also be required to fill in a questionnaire that will test their ability to control their emotions. The questions will include narratives of persons in very annoying situations and the respondents will be asked to give their take on how such a person should respond to it.

The subjects involved in this study will also be pranked by professional actors without prior knowledge and in places where they least expect it. It could involve a person stepping on them without apologizing, or a kid smashing their window with a baseball. Their reactions will then be recorded and analyzed. The results got from each subject will include their recent photo, acquired with their permission.

The hypothesis for this research will be: persons with sharp noses are likely to lose their tempers faster than persons with other shapes of noses. The results acquired will then be compared to this hypothesis. Depending on the results obtained, the hypothesis will be either confirmed or discarded.