Sample Paper on Drumming as an aspect of Shamanism

Drumming as an aspect of shamanism

A shaman is a priest who communicates or intercedes with the spirit world for the purpose of healing or divination. The shaman first gets into a state of concentration associated with mystical or prophetic elevation and is carried beyond rational thought and self-control. Both male and females can be involved in shamanism. There are different aspects of shamanism which include, use of hallucinogens, chanting and drumming depending on material culture.

Drumming in shamanism is the use of drums to induce ecstasy. Ecstasy is a state in which the shaman connects with spirits world. The drumming is done in an ascending tempo, from slow to a high tempo and the shaman losses himself or herself from a state of normal thinking or seeing things and also disrupts the pattern of thinking the person might be having before. The shaman cannot hear any noise from the surrounding thus connecting to the spiritual world of reality through series of ecstasy to finally get to the level necessary for healing to occur, after healing the shaman slows the drumming tempo until consciousness is regained.

Drumming enables the shaman to get information from the unseen world. The spirits of nature produce their sound thus enabling the human shamans to communicate with them. Before drumming starts the drum head is first heated over the fire bringing it to the intended pitch. By hitting the different parts of the drum, the shaman commands specific helping spirits for intervention. By using drums, shamans creates a bridge between the human world and the spirit world and also creating awareness of the participants to the bridge.