Sample Paper on Effectiveness of Historical Feature Films

Effectiveness of Historical Feature Films

Historical feature films are used to retell and recall a past event or events that previously occurred. The main aim is to present, influence and recreate a particular historical event or similar events in an effort to relive and to capture the historical moments. There have been various films that delve to events that happened in the past. The films try to tell how those events happened through the help of historical accounts and historical books. The films also bring other perspective into account like themes to try and pass across a particular message.

Through my encounter with historical feature films, I can conclude with certainty that they effectively re tell the stories that have happened in the past. The films, have been used by different producers and directors to re tell past events, in a manner that people in the modern times will understand.

Like in the ‘April Morning’ film, the film captures events of a famous morning that the American people decided to stand for their rights and fight for what they stand for. This particular morning would then lead to the American Revolution. In the film, the main character is used to show how people that led the fight to reclaim America carried themselves. His ordeals show what these people faced to an extent of losing loved ones in the quest to free America. The film uses one family to show how the American society at the moment was. Religion, love, unity and freedom being the main focus of the people.

Historical feature films are created by a historical event, thus, it would be a common expectation that if a historical film is about a particular story, then it should try as much as possible to bring out the story. That’s what many historical films have done in the past and still doing now. They recapture the events for those like us that were not there.

My all-time favorite historical movie would be the movie ‘Titanic’. In history the RMS Titanic was a voyage ship that was the biggest ship sailing any waters at that particular moment. The RMS Titanic sank after it hit an iceberg. ‘The Titanic’ starts as an adventure that would linger in the lives of those involved for the rest of their lives. Many people board the Titanic ship for various reasons. Some board for prestige purposes, some for adventure and some in search of greener pastures. The main character in the film Jack is a poor young man who falls in love with Mary a girl betrothed to one of the rich lads Carl whose is also aboard the ship.

Due to mechanical failures that are caused by the ship loosing course, and hitting an iceberg, water start seeping into the ship at a fast rate. The ship had lifesaving materials aboard, but the problem was that they were inadequate, and half the people aboard would miss the chance to get saved. Finally the Titanic sinks with close to half of those that boarded still in. Many people lose their lives and mostly the poor. Jacks sacrifice his life to save Mary.As much as the movie has fictional characters and historical characters, but the actions leading to the sinking of the ship are similar to the historical accounts.