Sample Paper on Effects of Saudi Vision 2030 on Female Employment Practices


Research Overview. Saudi Vision 2030 describes a transformational period that will diversify the economy of Saudi Arabia. The economic stability of Saudi Arabia has long been dependent on oil exports. Oil exports have promoted economic progress, which sustain the living conditions of all people in Saudi Arabia. For instance, the healthcare system of Saudi Arabia has improved through optimal utilization of oil exports’ revenues. Being the largest oil producer in the world, Saudi Arabia has become one of the richest and powerful countries in the world. However, more efforts are underway to cement economic stability away from oil exports.

Thesis Statement. Through strong economic and social progress, Saudi Vision 2030 will transform the economic status for better living conditions, as seen in Western powers such as the U.K. and the U.S. The effects of Saudi Vision 2030 on female employment practices depict an economic and social progress as evidenced in Jeddah Commercial Banks.

Research Objectives.

  1. a) Determine factors affecting economic stability in Saudi Vision 2030.
  2. b) Evaluate the significance of Saudi Vision 2030 on future employment practices.
  3. c) Provide basis for a strong economic stability using large-scale long-term public projects.
  4. d) Examine the relationship between female employment practices and socio-economic progress in a country.
  5. e) Assess the social status of all community members as benefits of Saudi Vision 2030.

Literature Review



Research Design

Experimental. This research aims at determining economic factors that would determine the success of Saudi Vision 2030. The research scope is limited to female employment practices as evidenced in Jeddah Commercial Banks. This research will use the experimental design research to identify all factors that determine the success of Saudi Vision 2030 (Omran n.p). Economic stability is the independent variable of this research whereas female employment practices, among other economic factors, form the dependent variables. A questionnaire will be effective in determining female employment practices in Jeddah Commercial Banks as part of Saudi Vision 2030. The target sample for the questionnaire will include operational managers and female employees of Jeddah Commercial Banks. The following table illustrates a sample questionnaire that will assess the progress of Saudi Vision 2030.


Target Audience Question (Mark using a tick for personal preference) Poor Moderate Excellent
Operational Managers What’s the level of female employee contribution?
What is the rate of female employee inclusion in decision making?
What is the overall performance of female employees?
Female Employees What is your current living standards?
What is the dependent rate of people counting on your income?
What is your level of social contribution to community progress?


Saudi Vision 2030 is building a strong economic stability in Saudi Arabia. Operational managers of Jeddah Commercial Banks note that female employee performance is moving at an excellent rate. Levels of employee performance in most Jeddah Commercial Banks have grown to international standards as evidenced in Swedbank and Nedbank (Omran np). Moreover, including female employees in executive decision making has also contributed to the growth of Jeddah Commercial Banks. Female employees are currently happy with their lifestyles, which is all attributed to Saudi Vision 2030. As a result, female employee contribution – in the case context of discussion – contributes to a strong economic stability in the near future.


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