Sample Paper on Essence of Modern Technology

Essence of Modern Technology

The essence of modern technology can be described as starting man upon a means or way of revealing something. This description is also associated with the destining of such an object. For instance, in an attempt to achieve the essence of all facts of the available history we consider in a detailed form their destining.  History can neither be termed as just a mere object of a written record, nor a process that arise because of human activity. It is rather a comprehensive aspect that requires a deeper analysis. An activity is usually first destined as a history from which, history acquires another look as an object about historiography.

The challenge-forth of enframing into ordering leads to the rise of a way of revealing of the truth. In most cases, the destining of revealing produces a total sway over man, but does not act a fate of compelling in man’s deeds. In other words, this is to say that man is free when acting upon the realm of destining along with listening but rarely obeys. Considering freedom of man and its essence, it is verified that there is no clear connection will and causality of willingness on man. This freedom manages free space that is contained in the sense of the revealed. This is to say that freedom is contained within concealing and harboring. A further consideration of freedom leads to ascertain that it is a realm of destining which in any time can start a revealing.

The essence of modern technology is contained in enframing, which also is associated and lies in the destining of a given revealing. This subjects man to a destining within a free space, which usually is responsible for pushing man to move forward without a clear consideration of technology. This enlightens man in the ways of handling the current trends with the aim of inventing and coming up with new ideas. However, when man opens himself in expressing the essence of technology, he is in most cases unexpectedly swayed to a freeing claim. This to some extent delays the implementation of new ideas.

Now that the essence of technology is contained in enframing, which also lies in destining, man is continually approaching an extreme end of possibilities of promulgating and pursuing nothing but rather what has already been revealed in ordering, a basis which he further uses in deriving his standards. The consideration of man as a requisite for revealing to take place, soon he may be regarded as the main essence the information that is unconcealed and the due cause of its unconcealment. Man finds himself within the earlier mentioned possibilities, and he is likely to be endangered by destining of revealing the truth.

However, destining of revealing, as an element of its own does not act as danger but the danger is associated with the unconcealment that exists by nature. The issue of supreme danger arises when dustings holds within the enframing mode. This supreme danger verifies itself to operate in two ways i.e. when the unconcealed has no effect to operate even if considered as an object and when man is the order of a given standing-reserve in a midst of lack of objectives. With due considerations man is taken to be the key challenge-forth of enframing and that he doesn’t hold enframing as an assertion and cannot encounter himself on earth.

The challenge of enframing is considered to be responsible for concealing a specific way of revealing and to conceal revealing itself. It is said to block the holding and shining-forth sway of truth. Extreme danger is the destining responsible for ordering in most cases. Technology is not demonic and dangerous but its essence can be considered as mysterious. Therefore, danger is considered as the essence of technology as far destining is concerned. The real threat to man is not associated with the exposure to lethal apparatus and machines of technology, but rather associated with essence. Thus in a situation where enframing holds, the aspect of danger is present.

Thus, enframing being a destining in revealing can be described as an essence of technology, although in the sense of genus it is not the case. This leads us to also consider technology as the one that creates the demand on man to think in a more different way that can well be understood through the study of the “essence.” For instance, considering the “essence of a state” and “essence of a house” we do not view it as a generic typ0e but rather through the relevant ways that the state and house hold sway, develop, administer, and eventually decay. Plato and Socrates think that the essence of something to be what that it essentially is meant to unfold and what it endures. However, in their thinking, what it endures is something that has a permanent effect. In relation to technology, the way through which technology unfolds can be described as a basis for proprieties and dominates as a destining about revealing.

In regard to essence of technology, enframing is described to be what it endures, therefore, enframing can be defined as a destining that brings together the ways of revealing the challenges-forth. This drives us to discover that challenging-forth into ordering of a given actual as a standing reserve is destiny that starts man in means of revealing. Hence, the essential unfolding of a certain technology provides man with entry to something, which, by him, can neither create nor invent in any way. Therefore, it is to our conclusion that in no circumstance that man can exist solely or singly.

However, the essence of technology is ambiguous to some sense in that it does not clearly explain its diversity. Thus, this ambiguity reflects to the mystery that it is meant to reveal the truth. In addition, enframing sometimes challenges forth to frienziedness of ordering which blocks the view into proprieties aspects of revealing and thereby endangering the relation to essence of truth. Therefore, although the essence of technology can be traced back to enframing it contains its drawbacks.

The essence of modern technology can therefore be traced back to enframing and reveling of the truth that is meant to bring change to the society. This essence is not associated technologically does not reflect upon technology or decisively confront. In the future man is expected to be in charge of the technological advances that are expected to take place in the earth. However, this won’t take place without connection and reliability of different issues in the environment because man by himself solely cannot create the technological changes.