Sample Paper on Essential Elements of Christian Worldview

In modern times, people have developed various belief systems that influence their everyday choices. The opinions of the worldview determine how people make personal choices and live their lives. The worldview of the atheists or pagans is different from that of a Christian. Therefore, a Christian must evaluate his or her understanding concerning worldview to live accordingly (Ministry, 2017). The essentials of the Christian worldview are the main elements that define how to live for Jesus Christ. A Christian who fails to understand the essentials of Christian worldview will likely live a life that does not please the Lord God. Similarly, such a person will likely not enjoy the benefits of following Christ. The Christian worldview helps in understanding God and the love for humanity through Jesus Christ, the savior.


Describing God would be difficult because of who He is. He is the creator of the universe and everything that lives in it. Everything exists because He has made them to be the way they are. In Genesis chapter one, the bible says that in the beginning, God created heaven and earth. This means that He has the power to create and puts things in order. He exists out of timelines and nature but controls the same. He is not bound by the way things are going on in earth. God has so many characteristics that could not be described in this text. When He talks with Moses in the wilderness, Moses asks of His name. God tells Moses that ‘I AM Who I AM’, making it more difficult to describe God fully (Ministry, 2017). After believing in God, He can manifest as per the situation at hand. He is a healer to the sick, a provider to those who lack, and a protector of the weak and vulnerable. He is an omnipresent help at the times of need, all knowing, and transcendent. Therefore, God has many natural attributes that make Him incomparable to any existing being. He exists but nobody created Him; however, He created everything that exists in nature, putting them in perfect balance. He created everything in only six days using the word of mouth. Therefore, understanding God can only come from the in-depth study of the Holy Bible.


Humanity is an essential element that defines part of God’s creation on the earth’s surface. The Christian worldview holds that God created all humans in His image and likeness. Therefore, all human being resemble God. He created man in His likeness to make us live according to His ways. Everybody has been created for a reason on this earth. One of the major reasons for the creation is for people to enjoy God’s creations on the earth’s surface. God wants people to live happy lives as they praise and honor Him for who He is to them. He is a loving God; however, He is also a jealous God who does not want His praise to be given to other things.

The major undoing to humanity is the sinful nature that beset them. All people are born sinful because of the disobedience that Adam and Eve committed in the beginning. When a child is born, he or she comes into the world with the Adamic element of sin. The sin of disobedience has always driven people to follow their feelings instead of seeking to please God (DiVincenzo, 2014). Human beings want things that satisfy their human nature, most of which fail to please God. According to Polishchuk (2013), the major problem with human beings comes from their failure to nourish their spiritual wellbeing, instead of being caught in the daily tangible and physical desires. The constant seeking for God is the only thing that can help humanity to live sinless lives,  a life of totally depending on God always.


Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man. God brought Him to save the world after nobody could do it. No prophets, Kings, or judges could save humanity from sin and disobedience; therefore, God sent Him to be born of the Virgin Mary. He lived on earth, preached, did numerous miracles, had followers, and eventually died for the sins of the world. He did not commit any sin and lived a perfect life. However, His mission had been prophesied in the Old Testament that He would be killed for the sins of many. Therefore, anyone who believes in Him is forgiven of his/her sins and receives true reconciliation with God. Without the sacrifice Jesus made, no Christian can achieve true forgiveness of sin reconciliation with God. Timothy 2:5 states that there is one God and one mediator between God and humanity, the man, Jesus Christ (NIV) ( 2019). The Christian worldview holds in high esteem Jesus Christ and the work of redemption. Initially, the man had a perfect relationship with the Creator; however, sin has brought a separation. Selfishness and self-centeredness from the fallen nature of the humanity can only be overcome by believing in Jesus Christ.


The only solution to humanity’s problem comes from redemption through believing in Jesus Christ. Sin separates humanity from God, the creator. Sin is the barrier that separates man from God. It is a state of constant disobedient and separation, a condition that requires a means of restoration to the initial state of relationship between God and humanity. Restoration can only come from believing in Jesus Christ who died for the sins of all people. Those who believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for our sins receive salvation and connection to God. Therefore, Christian worldview recognizes the belief in God and salvation through Jesus Christ to receive restoration from the sin. That is the beginning of having a fulfilling life as intended by God, the Creator.


Christian belief has many advantages to those who believe. Salvation assures humans of the forgiveness of sin. When sin is forgiven, people peacefully coexist with God because of the restored relationship. Salvation also assures Christian believers of life after death. They look forward to an afterlife, beyond this mortal life. The unique aspect of Christianity comes from the fact that it is the only religion that assures followers of an afterlife by only having faith. Salvation does not require works of men but absolute faith in Jesus Christ. The other religions insist on doing good works to earn favor with deity. Another benefit comes from the community of believers who have a common way of life. The Christian worldview is a problem to the secular worldview because of the absolute viewpoint, especially on ethical issues. Most people find it extreme when a religion sees things in black and white. However, such stand absolute stand on issues like ethics and morality help Christians live lives that glorify God.


As a Christian, I hold that putting God at the center of my life has helped me live a life that glorifies Him. A person can only understand the reason for existence when God becomes the centre of life. A life in Christ of not depending on the power of God and living according to His Word, written in the Bible. It is a life of trust in the power of God, in Jesus’ name. My life would be empty and directionless without the trust in God. I have always maintained focus on living according to God’s Word, not because of my abilities but because of total trust on God’s power in Christ’s name. Holding to the Christian worldview helps a believer trust in the power of forgiveness. It does not mean that a believer must live a perfect life; however, it is a life of depending on God’s power of forgiveness through the work of the cross. It is a deliberate choice to live in love and to do good to other people.


Many Christians hold different opinions on some of the issues in this paper. However, I believe that putting God at the center of life is the beginning of the Christian living. Like the growth process, Christian worldview comes from the deeper study and understanding of God’s word. A growth process needs constant nurturing by reading the word of God in the Bible, regular meeting in a fellowship to be part of the body of a church or body of Christ. Prayer and trust in God also help in creating a better Christian worldview. The world is a better when people live according to God’s commands.

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