Sample Paper on Interviewing Industrial Engineering Graduate Student

Why do you go to graduate school?

  1. Graduate education has offered me a chance to pursue my passion for becoming an industrial engineer. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, I did not know how to apply all the equations that we learned in undergraduate school. I was eager to know how to apply them in day-to-day work. Thus, I chose to expand my knowledge in industrial engineering.
  2. Did you try to find a job during undergraduate study or after graduation?
  3. I did not attempt to secure a job while I was undertaking undergraduate study because I was a full-time student. I only applied for an industrial attachment twice during my summer holidays. I did not intend to divert my attention to other commitments before I finishing my undergraduate studies.
  4. What are the similarities and differences between undergraduate & graduate studies?
  5. Undergraduate studies are usually undertaken by students who have just completed high school studies and are aspiring to achieve a college degree. On the other hand, graduate studies involve undertaking coursework and research to excel in a particular academic or professional field. In both studies, students have the freedom to choose the courses they are willing to undertake in their coursework.


  1. Do you have a more flexible schedule when compare to undergraduate study?
  2. Yes. I am undertaking my graduate studies and, at the same time, working in the manufacturing industry in the city. During my undergraduate studies, I dedicated all my time to the program, as I had set my goal to achieve a higher grade to pursue my Masters’s Degree. I left no room for flexibility.
  3. What do you do besides study? Are you doing research, a part-time job, or intern, etc.?

Besides my studies, I am a part-time employee in the manufacturing industry here in the city. One of the advantages of graduate school is that you do not have to spend the whole day in class, as we do not take many courses in one discipline. The company is paying part of the college fees, thus, I have an obligation to work for the company.

  1. Are you too busy to make friends or network?
  2. There is always a time for a student who is capable of managing time effectively. I have designed a daily timetable, which assists me in balancing my studies, job, family, and friends. Friends are quite essential in networking and sharing ideas. I also allocate some time to visit other companies that I would like to join after attaining my graduate degree.
  3. What is your plan after the graduate study?

Every student’s desire is to excel in his/her career goals. My plan after graduating is to secure a job in one of the reputable manufacturing firms in the country. I intend to work for four years, and then start my own manufacturing firm. I always preferred to be my own boss, but I have to accumulate some capital and experience to achieve my personal goal.

  1. Does your graduate study experience advance your career? Or limit the job opportunities?
  2. I prefer a program that would advance my career to one that expands job opportunities. I believe in specialization, rather than becoming a failure in all trades. Specialization allows one to rise on the career ladder, as well as become a specialist in his/her line of duty.
  3. Do you like graduate study? Why or why not?

Yes. I like graduate study because it has given me an opportunity to study and work at the same time. I now have the chance to pursue my dream career. It was quite hard to work while I was undertaking my undergraduate studies. Graduate study has also helped me to think beyond what is indicated in the books, and to apply much of what we covered in theory.

  1. Is there anything we have not talked about that is important?
  2. I would like to state that industrial engineering is among the topmost flexible disciplines in the field of engineering. Industrial engineers can work in manufacturing, processing, logistics, as well as in management industries. Graduate students are required to exhibit originality in their work. One has to defend his/her choice of reasoning, as there is no right or wrong answer.