Sample Paper on Lean Operations at Alaska Airlines and JIT at Arnold Palmer Hospital

  1. Lean Operations at Alaska Airlines

            The primary components of lean according to Alaska Airlines include offering training programs to the workers, for instance, through workshops, team activities, and classes. Other aspects of lean include enabling workers to identify the vendor individuals and to establish healthy working conditions and relationships that boost productivity and effective operations. Other vital components of lean as outlined by Alaska Airlines include long-lasting improvements, improved timed services, active engagement with employees through effective communication skills as well as seeking adequate support from potential sponsors and financial groups to achieve transition.

            One of the ways passengers can be loaded and unloaded from airplanes include the random approach, which allows the passengers to get into a plane based on the first come first served strategy. The method is easy to implement and saves time. However, it could result in chaos due to the lack of arrangements and optimization. The other way is the block approach that entails letting the passengers on the last row to board the plane first and the rest to board in a descending manner. The other method is parallel loading that requires planes to have two entry points where half of the passengers to board from the front and the rest from the rear entry point. Finally, there is the Steffen technique that is the most effective and it entails boarding passengers in a way that adjacent passengers involved seat two rows apart. The Steffen and parallel loading technique are the most optimized and practical techniques of boarding passengers into airplanes and thus are commonly used.

Some of the aspects of aircrafts – passenger loading challenges that are being researched include the weight of the travelers as well as the plane’s seats occupation. Other issues that call for research include reporting and checking the boarding travelers as well as approving the required number of travelers to board. Failure of the lodge team to observe the travelers effectively could trigger substantial risks and thus the need for accuracy.

  1. JIT at Arnold Palmer Hospital

            At JIT at Arnold Palmer Hospital, when an error is found in a pack as it is opened for an operation, the most effective solution is obtaining a new package. However, the main advantage of JIT is the fact that mistakes are detected immediately at Arnold Palmer Hospital, for instance, with the delivery day.

The Arnold Palmer Hospital can improve the process of customs surgical packs by reducing the pacts in the buffer, for instance, from a day to hours fix leading.

            When describing JIT services at Arnold Palmer Hospital, the supplier text notes, inventory, schedules, and layouts are employed. Inventory is least used to boost the quality of the products produced, stored, and shipped in the hospital. Arnold Palmer Hospital mainly aims at offering services of high quality, and this is achieved through limiting the storage space, establishing procedures that are in line with the JIT requirements, and scheduling for processes that are vastly significant. The layout is designed near the work region and has no space for excessive storage, which ensures that suppliers are entitled to high quality and consistent services and deliveries.

            In case a doctor recommends a new surgical process, the request for alterations at Arnold Palmer Hospital is made by the Medical Economics Outcomes Committee. Minimizing the SKUs escalation is an ongoing issue at Arnold Palmer Hospital, similar to other hospitals.