Sample Paper on Management of Grief

Sample Paper on Management of Grief

Hardship is a form of suffering either mentally or is also an experience of a hard time or rather troubles facing someone in life. In the text; management of grief, the central or main characters faces many challenges together. Some of them happen at the same time and similar occurrence. The author illustrates how the central characters bonded and knew each other from a time when they start experiencing the hardships together. The central characters are: Mrs. Shaila Bhave who is the protagonist and perceived as the narrator, Kusum, Dr. Ranganathan. These people experience problems which cause great impact on their lives. This resulted from a tragedy of a plane accident which affected most of the families. The affected person tackles the grief in different ways and looks for solutions to overcome their problems.

One of the hardships is the loss of family members. This was caused by the plane crash where many people lost their lives leaving their families with a lot of pain. The women whose husbands died became widows, the men who wives died became widowers and the children whose parents died became orphans. First Mrs. Shaila who has remained both a widower and childless by losing all of her family in the crash experienced a lot of hardship but shows her strength as a woman by how she responds to the tragedy. She lost her two sons that are Vinod and Mithun. Vikram, her husband, too died in the crash. Shaila remains active and optimistic. She looks for her family but bares no fruits. The author represents the braveness and strength of a woman in Mrs. Bhave. Kusum, Shaila’s friend also loses her husband Satish and younger daughter. She also becomes a widow and less one girl.

Kusum is significantly affected by the tragedy. She was not that strong to experience the hardship. Kusum does not respond positively to the hardship. She sells her remaining property and moves to Hardwar which was not a right decision as per Shaila was concerned. She also had a daughter Pam who did not make it to California but later wrote from Vancouver where she was working at a departmental store selling makeups to Indians. The author depicts Kusum as the pessimistic character because of the fear and uncertainty in her. She is depressed by the sudden demise of her family members. She later decides to run away from her problems. She then goes through a lot of pain and hardship until the end where she doesn’t get back her daughter but mistakes someone’s child to be hers.

Dr. Ranganathan from Montreal, who was an electrical engineer, also lost the whole of his family that is his wife and three children. He met with Shaila and Kusum t the shores while he was also looking out for his family. They team up and go to look for the bodies of their loved ones. Dr. Ranganathan resisted his relatives and went to his job in Montreal, and now he was regretting having run away because he had no one to talk to now. Dr. Ranganathan portrays a strong personality and takes the challenge positively and consoles others not to be affected by the loss of their family members. The author of the essay represents the character of Dr. Ranganathan as a strong personality. He plays a significant role in the storyline by acting as a strong man emotionally, therefore perceived as a strong man.

Another problem faced by the central characters is poverty, where they all have changes in their ways of life (Mukherjee 188). It was caused by loss of the family breadwinners and also resulting from emotional problems they are experiencing. Shaila having lost her husband faces a significant challenge in her household. She still lives in Toronto but having missed her family. Shaila prays every day, listen and wait but her husband, Vikram has not returned to her. That becomes a disaster to her. She reacts positively to the problem by living a simple life. The author uses the character to represent the survival tactics a woman should have to overcome poverty when widowed. Kusum on the other side also experiences the same problem when she loses her bread winner in the plane crash. She tries her best to live and later sells her household items including her house to go and live in Hardwar. She portrays a relatively afraid character that does not want to suffer but then defeated. Similarly, Pam, Kusum’s daughter later have difficulty in going to California and doesn’t make it there. She later on search for a simple job to do in Vancouver where she works in a departmental store giving makeups hints to Indian and Asian girls. That’s the point where she is at when the storyline in declining, the author deceit Pam as a pessimistic character (Shannon, Joyce Brennfleck). She though takes the challenge positively and works to earn her daily bread. Finally, Dr. Ranganathan experiences the hardest point in life where has given up his commute, given up his house and job, and accepted an academic position in Texas, where no one knows his story, and he has vowed not to tell it.

Dr. Ranganathan portrays a useful role in managing himself and taking the initiative in him to live his life in Texas where no one knew him and what tragedies had to happen to him. The author, therefore, depicts him as a strong man from the way he handles himself. Another hardship the characters are experiencing is depression where they are significantly affected emotionally. According to the essay, the problems the characters face have significant negative impact on their social lives thus torturing them emotionally (Abraham 23). Shaila experiences a lot of depression on hearing the sad news that her husband and two sons have died in a plane crash. She is frustrated but stays active until the end. The author uses her as an example of an emotionally healthy woman who can handle her issues with a lot of care and ease. Kusum on the other side experiences the same problem but is significantly affected. She gets support from Mrs. Bhave which empowers her to some point. The author uses her to illustrate the emotionally weak in the society and how they can get help to overcome their issues. Dr. Ranganathan who was also a victim copes up with the situation positively bearing all the pain by him which is rare to many people. The author, therefore, takes him and uses him as an example of the strong personality and emotionally stable in the society. The storyline is all about challenges facing people in life and how to overcome them because not all can be prevented. The characters play incredibly mature roles, and they relate directly to the modern day world.


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