Sample Paper on Market Segment

Market Segment


The market segment to be served by the company comprises of the young ladies living in the United States. They are aged between ten years and thirty years. In the recent past, there has been a general increase in demographical factors of the young generation in America with a bigger population observed among young ladies. They are very versatile to the modern technology and makes good use of the available medium of communication and technology. Most of the ladies in this age bracket, likes to explore the environment around them. Thus, it presents an opportunity for a business enterprise engaged in hotel business. These hotels will offer services such as tours guides and recreation facilities to the young ladies.

Recreation Behavior of Young Ladies Aged Between Ten Years and Thirty Years in America

  • Young ladies in America are faced with the risk of drug abuse. Most of them are introduced to these behaviors at a tender age of ten years. This is because their recreation behavior exposes them to these hazardous situations. They socialize with people at a very tender age which makes them vulnerable to social misconducts. About 39.9% of the ladies in the United States confessed to have abused marijuana in their early age in life. It is because of the influence they get from their peers during holidays and exposure to various drugs in public domain (Sanderson, 2013). Some of the ladies would confess using alcohol during holidays. They would risk getting pregnant since alcohol would drive them in irresponsible behaviors.
  • The young generation forms the largest population in America. They represent about 60 percent of the total population in the country. More than half of the young generation comprises of young ladies. Their shopping behavior is influenced by the current fashion in the market. Almost the whole population is literate and able to use the current platform in technological advancement. This dictates the reason as to why businesses should strive to install the current technology in order to attract customers (Murphy, 2012). Media is also an influential part of their life. They imitate their role models in the media and adapt to this culture as one of the decent trends in the market. They associate themselves with media personality in an attempt to remain relevant to their peers.
  • Their leisure activities increased from 9.8% to 10.3% in the year 2005. This trend has been on the increase. Therefore, it means that most of the young ladies are involved in recreation activities at present’s days than it was the situation in the past. Physical exercise such as swimming, running and dancing makes them active in the society preventing them from negative behaviors such as sexual immorality and drug abuse. Their eating behavior is seen to deteriorate because most of them consume junk foods (Miller, 2011). This exposes them to diseases such as heart attack that reduces their life expectancy. The government and health campaign groups has been emphasizing on the need of recreation services and physical exercise that will help to boost the health of these individuals.
  • Another issue is that 72% of the reported deaths in the United States among the youth is attributed to vehicles crashes (26%), homicide (16%), unintentional injuries (17%) and suicide (13%). Social frustrations have caused many of the young ladies life (Mazzeo, Merkley, & Kellogg School of Management, 2012). some of the contributing factor are sexual misconduct during holidays, inadequate parenting and drug abuse. These deaths have claimed a lot of lives that would contribute to the development of the country. They are energetic people who would work for the country thus their loss brings repercussion to the whole economy of the country.
  • Lastly we find that young ladies are fond of engaging in early sexual behavior. This is contributed by the use of modern technology and media platforms (Blumenthal, 2010). It poses a danger to the economy due to improper handling of pregnancies and diseases such as gonorrhea and syphilis. This forms the basis for social frustrations.

A Day in the Life of Young Ladies

The research conducted on the recreation behaviors of young ladies in the United States revealed the following facts. One of the facts is that young ladies are technologically literate thus any marketing efforts being done by the hotel business should use technology platform. The second fact is that they are outgoing in the sense that they engage in recreation activities more often nowadays than in the past. In addition, we find that this segment is prone to fashion changes. Their fashion behavior and practices reflects that one of the media personality. Another fact is concerned with the sexual behavior where most of them are sexually active. This makes them socially cognizance of their appearance and behaviors. Their demand for increased recreation facility has been on the rise. This has been attributed by the social reflections by the media. Holidays have become one of the most active seasons for them. This generation is also prone to perennial diseases due to their eating behavior. They like eating junk food that deteriorates their health. The research has also found that young ladies are increasingly involved in physical activities. This is to avert their ailing health due to their lifestyle. Moreover, young girls are more likely to experience emotion retraction behaviors if they are not accorded the right treatment in hotels. This behavior is also evidence on their drug abuse habits.

It has led to the increasing number of deaths among the youth. Brand name and purchasing behavior is greatly influenced by the media personality. They dress and behave in a manner that reflects their influence by the media culture. There are some degrees of drug abuse among the young generation. In most cases young girls have complained about sexual harassment influenced by drug abuse. This has caused them a decent lifestyle due to unwanted pregnancies and contracting of diseases. This category of customers demand for holiday facilities that are secure, natural and provide services that takes care of their nature in terms of gender. They are more likely to demand for products such as technological devices and the internet, tour guides and travels and recreation facilities such as swimming and physical exercise facilities like a gymnasium. Technology and internet services will influence their decision during holidays since the platform provides a medium of communication between the hotels and their customers. Internet services ensure that customers are connected to the rest of the world as they enjoy their holidays. Tour travels and guides will facilitate their exploration activities within the hotel premise and outside. On the other hand, recreation facilities such as physical exercise will make sure that customers are physically healthy. They exercise their bodies through various facilities such as a gymnasium or a swimming pool.


Young ladies have an increased demand for recreation activities. Thus, they should be treated at the highest accord by hotel industries by providing transportation services, physical and internet services. Companies in the hotel business should advertise their cuisine, sanitation products that they offer such as sanitary pads and transportation facilities. This will facilitate their leisure activities during their holidays. Hotel marketing their products should use the internet facilities. This is because online marketing has been embraced by the young generation. They have continually increased their internet use for communication purpose and for business transaction. In cases where companies still use the traditional methods of marketing, they will not be in a position to communicate to the market. Marketing is especially crucial to the hotel business because it helps to unravel the stalemates in business environment. Online marketing incorporates the ordering activities by customers who make order in advance.

This eases the process involved in doing hotel business, which in most cases takes a lot of time to place an order. Hotel companies are able to keep their customers information from the updated website. Hotel should include some features such as physical location, services provided, swimming pool, room arrangement and the different cuisine offered in the premises in their website. These features will attract the customers to place an order for the hotel services. The young generation is also extremely sensitive to their peer’s experiences during holidays. This involves their interaction with the hotel facilities which in most cases affect their purchasing behavior. In conclusion, there should also be some degree of social responsibility. This is where the security issues are taken care of by the hotel business.


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