Sample Paper on Marketing Essays on HD CCTV Cameras (The HD-D20W)

HD CCTV Cameras (The HD-D20W)

This is a domed-shaped type of High Definition surveillance camera that makes use of a technological application known as the HD-SDI. These types of surveillance video cameras have higher resolution power at 1080p as compared to other types of HD cameras making it a product of choice to most consumers. Similarly, the camera uses standardized RG59 coaxial cables thus explaining its high-resolution power. Basically, this type of surveillance camera is in most cases enclosed in plastic domed coatings with a white and flat base. The camera is arguably different from other types of cameras because of its ability to support zero light infrared night surveillance (Norris, Clive, Mike, and David 12).

This is can be attributed to the infrared LEDs that are installed inside the cameras making it a product of choice both for day and night surveillance. For instance, during nighttime, or even when the level of light inside a building goes down, the HD-D20W CCTV Cameras switches to nighttime surveillance modes (Norris, Clive, Mike, and David 16). This it does by transforming its resolutions into black and white footages and engages its filters to turn on the infrared LEDs. Similarly, the HD-D20W CCTV Cameras uses a relatively strong image sensor and a progressive scanning system enabling it to capture videos at a higher resolution power as compared to other types of HD CCTV cameras. Additionally, The HD-D20W CCTV Cameras have a 4.3mm fixed lenses giving it an extended view angle with little modification of the focus by the installer.

Originally, the camera was designed primarily for indoor surveillances in homes and offices but has since gained wider applications (Armitage and Rachel 12). When first created, the aim was to install it in homes and inside Government sensitive and critical installations to help track and capture the potential thieves and buglers. Increased rates of crime and terrorism in most parts of the world have also necessitated the use of the HD-D20W CCTV Cameras and other types of surveillance cameras to enhance the general security systems (Armitage and Rachel 14). In the US, for instance, after the dreadful 9/11, the security system was forever revolutionized with most homes and Government critical infrastructures currently under 24-hours CCTV cameras surveillance. The designing of the HD-D20W CCTV cameras arguably targeted homes in the US, Europe and Asia and other important buildings in such countries for indoors surveillance. The product targeted an improvement in security systems to help curb any threat to individual and national security (Armitage and Rachel 15). The product also aims at satisfying the specific security needs of its consumers explaining its wider acceptance in the US and most parts of the world.

Originally, the product was designed for US markets, but has since expanded to Europe and other parts of the world due to its far-reaching benefits (Armitage and Rachel 16). Currently, The HD-D20W is in application in most of the security conscious countries such as the USA, Israel, China and the UK. With the emergence of the Asian tigers such as Singapore and the Middle East economic power houses such as the United Arabs Emirates, the demand for the HD-D20W CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment is deemed to expand. With more emerging economies such as, Brazil, Nigeria and South Africa, the application of the HD-D20W and other types of CCTV surveillance systems is ever expanding (Armitage and Rachel 18).

Notably, a number of CCTV surveillance exists in the market that rivals the HD-D20W for the constantly expanding market base. For instance, the EZ-H222 HD-SDI IR is another domed-shaped resolution camera that also has night visions and designed specifically for indoor surveillance (Armitage and Rachel 18). It also has the same HD resolution power of 1080p as that of the HD-D20W CCTV camera. The only notable difference between the two products is on the range of screen display with the HD-D20W being more dynamic and sharp making the two to be direct rivals in the market.

The HD-D20W CCTV camera is arguably one of the top surveillance products of the century; a fact primarily attributed to its efficiency and wide scale indoors applications (Armitage and Rachel 21). In most modern offices as wide as 17 feet and 31 feet long, the use of the HD-D20W is far much beneficial in the monitoring and evaluation of employees’ office behaviors. Some of the factors that has made the HD-D20W CCTV surveillance camera one of the top product of the 21st century includes its ability to have precise day and night visions among others (Armitage and Rachel 23). Correspondingly, the camera has a digitalized noise reduction in-built application and a sharp adjustment focus making it one of the top surveillance products of the 21st century.

Some critics, however, do argue that the application of the HD-D20W CCTV surveillance cameras and other types of modern security cameras especially in home and office settings is a breach of personal privacy (Armitage and Rachel 25). When compared to the analogue CCTV surveillance cameras, the modern cameras have higher quality pictures and videos making it difficult for a person to camouflage once placed under the HD-D20W camera watch (Armitage and Rachel 26). As a result, most families and corporations that value personal privacy may opt for the presence of physical security as a replacement of the CCTV surveillance cameras (Armitage and Rachel 28). However, the HD-D20W and other surveillance cameras are more cost effective, efficient and precise in indoors security management endeavors and therefore, mostly preferred by security conscious persons and corporations.

CCTV camera surveillance has revolutionized from the analogue system to the current digitalized equipment currently circulating the market (Surette and Ray 154). Most of the companies that specialized in the production of such cameras were obliged to develop their software systems well aware of the product life cycle stages (Surette and Ray 156). Most technological devices have a shorter life span and easily becomes obsolete forcing the producers to ensure constant changes in its software systems. The HD-D20W CCTV camera surveillance equipment, for instance, is in its maturity stage prompting the manufacturers to maintain and sustain the market they have built through the supply of quality products (Surette and Ray 157). This stage is arguably the most competitive one in the lifespan of a project and a decline in production and marketing is inevitable (Surette and Ray 159). The HD-D20W camera is facing serious challenges from rival and substitute products explaining why it is currently in the maturity stage.

If I were to change or make any notable improvement on the HD-D20W surveillance camera, I would suggest an improvement in its recording capabilities by installing a special quality image wireless software and a higher storage capacity micro SD cards in its systems. Similarly, I would increase the ability to install the HD-D20W camera with ease by suggesting a modification its design. In addition, I would increase the market range of the product by introducing it to the largely underexploited markets in some parts the Latin America and Africa to increase profitability.


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