Sample Paper on Need Assessment

Need Assessment

A need assessment is an approach aimed at studying the interest or attitude of a group of people on a particular subject. Need assessment provides a method to learn and compare the gap between what is completed and what is remaining, and identify a solution for a complex issue.

Based on the resources, (for instance, money and time), need assessment can be conducted formally where an individual can distribute written survey to a group of people. Secondly, need assessment can be informal; for instance, a person can ask questions from the people around.

The following methods are used to conduct an assessment; the first method is conducting a survey where a person selects a portion of the population or the entire population. Furthermore, the investigation can be carried out by issuing questionnaires with structured questions.

The second method is through conducting interview; this method is the best because the interviewer can obtain first-hand information. In addition, he/she is able to dispel fear from the interviewee and therefore the answers received are right

Thirdly, an individual can use observation as a method of need assessment whereby the observer can describe what can be seen.

Fourthly, a person can analyze the existing data. The other method used is through the use of focus group.

Survey as a means of conducting need assessment is appropriate when collecting responses from a relatively large population. In addition, it is also cost effective when collecting data from a large population.

Conducting an interview as a format need assessment method provides first-hand information. The interviewee gives accurate answers, and it is not time-consuming.