Sample Paper on Nursing Organizations: American Association for Men in Nursing

The American Association for Men in Nursing (AAMN) was formed in the year 1971, and it brought together like minded male nurses in Michigan. However, later, started to accommodate male nurses from other states. Additionally, the group was formed with the main objective of encouraging young men to take up careers in nursing and grow male nurses professionally. The association has grown over the years to accommodate male and female nurses from all races in the United States of America The organization’s objectives have also diversified to advocating for continued research in nursing knowledge and strengthening and humanizing health care across the United States of America

The vision of AAMN is to provide nurses a framework for discussing and influencing factors that affect them, especially the male ones. The core mission of the organization to shape the practice of nursing, enhance research, as well as advance men’s health in the USA. Moreover, the organization has formulated strong codes of ethics which every member follows. The first of its values is stewardship. Members of AAMN are committed to mentoring future colleagues. The second value is instilling integrity among its members while in practice. The third core value is empowering the members of the firm so that they can achieve their potential. Innovation in the nursing profession has been established as a key goal as a way of approaching the sustainability and growth of their career (Zahourek, 2015). AAMN organization has formed a foundation called Society of Luther Christman Fellows to recognize and award people who have made a contribution towards the nursing fraternity. The group also runs educational scholarship aimed at helping needy students. Funds are collected through donations and benevolence of their members.




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