Sample Paper on Nursing Practitioners vs Advanced Practice Nursing roles

Question 1

I tend to agree that the nursing profession has progressively juxtaposed itself since its inception during the medieval. The Nightingale period witnessed the extension of basic care to victims of war (Dolan, 1983) while the  current dispensation has witnessed the progressive migration and distinguishing of the various roles each school of professionals is tasked with. I also agree in part with the basic requirements, level of academic validation and certification required for the attainment of certain levels of professionalism (Bryant-Lukosius Et al, 2004). However, the text fails to highlight the social role, and or the role of the nurse in mitigating community quagmires. On the flip side however I believe that both APNs and Nps roles in disease diagnosis, laboratory results interpretation and dispensation of medication etcetera are pegged on individualized proactivity and are not guaranteed once higher honors are sought (Bryant-Lukosius, DiCenso, Browne, & Pinelli, 2004). Advanced Nurse practitioners or otherwise APNs possess higher academic honors including masters and doctorate honors. I also tend to agree that higher academic honors ensure a wider scope in the nursing specialization field (Strommel , Wills, Williams, & wilkins, 2004) otherwise there is no outright difference between NPs and APNs, apart from the specialized roles each play in the hospital setting. These roles are mainly influenced by the specialized needs each class of patients subscribes to.

Response 2

Based on the classic nurses’ schedule I tend to imagine nurses are exposed  to a myriad of challenges. The unique nature of each of those quagmires encountered has an impact on the profession. Each hospice facility has its unique nursing practice therefore exposing the nurses to variegated forms of work environments, different nursing practices within the institutions etcetera. I therefore tend to believe that each professional has t o have and or develop the appropriate attitude, state of mind  and temperament to withstand stresses commensurate of these environments. . I tend to agree with Strommel, Boltz perspectives on the individualized nature of success in career nursing.  Additionally, that the field of nursing espouses a plethora of opportunities for professional advancement (Strommel , Wills, Williams, & wilkins, 2004) (Boltz, 2019). I also tend to believe that NPs are subjected to vast roles in the medical fraternity ranging from geriatric health, pediatrics, cardiology and community health etcetera unlike APNs that handle more specialized roles (Boltz, 2019). These I posit could perhaps be due to lack of specialized training (Dolan, 1983). It is therefore imperative that the nursing fraternity has progressively surmounted numerous milestones. From general practice to specialized care, nurses are able to register massive career progression.


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