Sample Paper on Reasons for Pursuing Nursing

As an individual, I have always been attracted to courses through which I can impact positively on the social system. I have this interest on people, and I make efforts to help everybody I come across in any way that I can. For this reason, I believe that a career such as nursing would come to me naturally since it places one at a position where they can constantly be of help to people. I believe that nursing, just like general medical practice, enables one to show empathy in a more special way that any other career can. As such, I believe that the nursing career not only fits me but also aligns with my personal values and objectives. I am also sure that by being involved as a nurse, I will be able to find opportunities to appreciate the value of life and to see more worth in the life I live.

My choice of nursing as a career is not pegged only on my love for helping others but also the desire to see life more holistically. I have always been sure that just by being alive, one faces several opportunities to make their life better. However, many circumstances in life discourage me from pursuing my goals from one time to the other. The only way I believe I can find more value in my life is by seeing others in situations that inhibit them from performing their utmost bets. For instance, I may postpone doing something just because I am tired or I feel that I have done enough for the day and could always do it tomorrow yet there is someone else who cannot do what they desire to do because they are in a hospital bed. I believe that getting close to such people through the nursing profession can help me realize my value at the present time and to do all that I have the opportunity to do rather than procrastinate.

Another reason why I am pursuing this career is because I consider it to be one of the noblest careers in terms of the values it promotes. For instance, nurses are selfless, with a lot of empathy and zeal for life. While I am also selfless and empathetic, sometimes I feel that my zeal for life wanes, especially when life overwhelms me. In some of such instances, I try to think of alternative ways to make my life fun. I believe that through engagement in nursing activities, I will be at a position to share with others the knowledge I have and to pass on help to others in many different circumstances. As a nurse, I am placed in a more favorable position for helping others. I have also learned through the years that nursing not only enables one to cater for the needs of those in the healthcare settings but also equips them to take better care of loved ones within their families. Morbidity is inevitable in any family setting and I would like to be the one to offer assistance to close ones where there is need. For me, nursing is not just a career to help me make a living. It is a way of life that I would want to live within and outside my home. I believe I have the capacity to do this effectively.

The level of commitment required of nursing practitioners also brings to my mind the need to focus not only on my career but also on the other aspects of life. For instance, there have been so many circumstances in which I have had dreams yet was unable to fulfill them since I easily gave up and did not feel committed enough to pursue the dreams in spite of challenges. As an individual, I tend to think that I have a problem with self accountability in that I always deviate from the ultimate goal. In nursing, the key objective of every activity is to improve the quality of health of the patients. This requires consistent commitment to the goals and focus on the aspects that can result in their realization. I therefore feel that through being a nurse, I will learn the virtue of commitment and will be able to implement it in more of my daily activities and even realize greater goals with reference to personal life. I can therefore say that the desire for consistency in commitment is one of the factors that drove me to select the nursing career.

Moreover, I love learning continuously and I believe that science subjects underscore constant learning. As such, I will be able to learn more by being engaged in a science oriented.

Question 2: How to commit to the Program Demands

I understand that the nursing program can be challenging in terms of its demands on time and energy inputs. As a student, I am obliged to work towards efficiency that will enable me complete the course successfully and with excellence. To accomplish this, my first step will be to ensure that all my work is planned effectively. Having a good work plan can be a distinguishing factor between consistent performance and lack thereof. I am sure that with a good plan, I will be able to utilize my time more satisfactorily by balancing between my needs and the time that I have. I know that besides the academic life, I also have a social life which will also need my attention. My objective in all these will be to ensure that the least time possible is used to achieve the biggest goal possible.

Planning without hard and smart work may be useless to my end. In any academic quest, the input has to be physical, as well as mental. In my quest for a professional qualification in nursing, I will be working with short and long-term goals. The biggest goal of all is to accomplish professional qualification, which I believe will only be possible if I achieve a series of short-term academic objectives. Setting such goals will set me on a path to continuous improvement in my academic performance, and thus, build my theoretical skills for practice when the right time comes. As a student, I also believe that it is my responsibility to take control of my progress by focusing on aspects of my life which contribute to positive performance. Because of this, I intend to seek opportunities for engagement at a professional level where possible.

Besides the expected period of on- the job training or internship, I hope to be able to get opportunities for professional growth in actual practice. In the nursing profession, I am sure that effective performance is not measured by the scores in the classroom as much as they are determined by the degree of transference to healthcare practice. I intend to make efforts to transfer my knowledge from the classroom to the field by interacting with experienced nurses and being actively engaged in the hospital setting to ensure that I learn more in addition to what the classroom provides. I believe that real-life practice can be different from what is learnt in the classroom, and often, critical thinking is required for decision making to be holistic and effective.

A good grasp of the skills passed through education requires an in-depth understanding of the environment of study and genuine interest in the course of study. In most cases, delays in completion of studies arise due to lack of interest in the course or in the concepts thereof. I believe that my drive towards studying nursing and my motivations for the course are sufficient reasons for interest in the subject. This therefore means that coupled with this interest, my passion for helping others will enable me to understand the course concepts as I feel they are realistic and will be beneficial to me at a personal as well as professional level.

While engaging at a professional level can be a determinant of success, there is the exceptional need to engage more actively with fellow students in the study of nursing. At times, understanding concepts can be a challenge where they are difficult, which is expected in any nursing course. However, I understand that through a collaborative approach to study, I can be able to make connections between what I learn and the interpretations that should be assigned to them in practice. I also believe that collaboration can help in learning more than one could have learned at an individual level. For instance, when I discuss with other people around the concepts I have learnt, I get to repeat those things I know over and over again hence having them stick in my mind for the long run. In this way, I not only get to understand the concepts but also to implement them where need be.

Question 3: Relevance of Experience to Nursing Field

Through my education and work experience, I believe I have obtained some skills that will be extremely useful in my pursuit of education in the learning field. For instance, I have undergone very demanding schedules in my academic and work life. Most of the time, I had to balance between the different facets of my life to attain productivity. I had home duties, work role responsibilities and school responsibilities, each of which had to be performed perfectly and with utmost excellence. Through the activities, I learned to multi task, as well as to plan my work effectively. I, therefore, believe that I am in a position to plan and implement my plans with reference to nursing studies.

Apart from organization skills, my educational and work experiences also helped me to build interpersonal skills, which I believe are crucial in the nursing profession. As a nurse, my work will involve full-time interactions with people, most of whom need listening and empathy. The skills gained in my past will enable me to give a listening ear to patients since I have had to learn active listening skills. I am at a position in life whereby I can comfortably empathize with another person without giving them the pressure to conform to my beliefs and values. Moreover, I also learned to be patient since sometimes, things did not go as I wished. I am certain that such skills will be instrumental in my career as a nurse.

Another trait that I developed as a result of my education and work background is resilience. As a nurse, I believe there are many challenges that one has to face on a day-to-day basis. For instance, the condition for patients I am taking care of could get worse or even die in the treatment process. As a directly responsible party, it would be expected of me to feel disappointed and even to contemplate leaving the profession. However, my past experiences taught me how to be resilient in the face of challenges, and I believe that in spite of what I may face in the course of practice, I will always have the capacity to bounce back. I know I may feel disappointed when some of my patients pass on, but I will be able to count on the positive aspects of the job as I have learnt through the years.

To accomplish the demands of the profession, I believe that I have learned enough about optimism in my past work and education experiences. In some instances, I expected some things to have negative outcomes in my life yet they gave positive outcomes. Through such happenings, I managed to develop heightened optimism, and I never completely give up on any situation. I always have that positive outlook as long as there is still an opportunity for change. I believe this will be a requirement in the nursing profession whereby the patient conditions may at times drive one towards pessimism. I believe that in being optimistic about patients’ chances, I will be in a position to improve their health through support. I am, therefore, looking forward to a positive career path in nursing as I believe I am equipped to face its demands.