Sample Paper on Scholarly vs Popular Sources on the Issue of Racism

Racism is a widespread human rights issue in society today with people, organizations, and governments grappling with its solution. In their article, Bobo and Fox examine the close connection between the concepts of race, racism, and discrimination. The article argues that racism concerns the meanings of social groupings as well as how patterns of relations among people are guided by these meanings (319). It entails the classification, labelling, and identification of people based on their group categories, beliefs, background, feelings, racial identity, and other related cognitive structures. Racism in itself plays a major role in shaping how social relations are ordered as well as how life chances and experiences are allocated.

Shah also gives insight into the concept of racism in his popular publication on global issues. He defines racism as the belief that characteristics and abilities can be linked to people based on their race and that certain racial groups are superior to others. He proceeds to explore the issue of racism as it happens around the world including Europe, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and North America.

The scholarly journal article by Bobo and Fox tends to provide detailed and extensive information on the issue of racism. Also, this source’s arguments on racism are supported by facts and also takes into account other studies or literature that explore the issue. In its examination of the issue of racism, the article is divided into multiple subsections that enhance the reader’s understanding of the human rights issue. The article contains facts that are supported by evidence from other articles or sources. This is in contrast to Shah’s publication that merely states opinions on the issue of racism without providing evidence for the same.



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