Sample Paper on Setting up healthcare businesses



Various opinions have been put forward concerning setting up healthcare businesses. These opinions, mostly negative, have shepherded potential investors and other industry players in the healthcare sector towards harboring reservations towards indulging this line of business (Zeithaml & Bitner , 2017). This has been influenced by misconceptions necessitated by myths indicating hospitals are a reserve of government and inadequate skills and knowledge on management of a hospital business. The general perception that privately owned hospital services are expensive and unaffordable to the average person has impacted in a drop in private hospices visitations by patients unless in cases of emergencies. (Swayne, Duncan , & Ginter, 2016)

It is as a result of the aforementioned that we, the Waterbury Hospital fraternity, felt the urgency to fast track mechanisms for hospital, patient and community correlation to provide quality service despite the instability of the financial landscape while we forge a bright future in the health sector. We therefore purpose to provide quality and safe health care and evacuation services to our patients notwithstanding the tough financial and economic quagmire coupled with society’s desperate need for medical services. The Waterbury Hospital located in Fairfield County; Southern Connecticut has cut a niche in the market as a health care provider by leveraging state of the art equipment handled by competent staff and quality service to our clients.

At Waterbury Hospital we believe that your health comes first: a healthy nation: a working nation.



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