Sample Paper on Social, environmental, and economic sustainability

Environmental Issues

Social, environmental, and economic sustainability requires that an organization operates at defined levels of quality and supports these levels indefinitely (Fletcher, Grose & Hawken, 2012). A clothing company is the organization of choice for this assignment. One of the ways to guarantee sustainability will be to ensure transparency in the company’s operations by publicly disclosing the organization’s pollution. This action will compel the workers at all levels to ensure that accountability in their operations. Some chemicals used in the line of production, like dyes, could be poisonous to the environment. These chemicals will be recycled or put into reaction chambers to reduce their effect on the environment. The packaging section will utilize biodegradable materials that will be made into a fashionable product, which can also be used for shopping household items.

In ensuring social sustainability, the organization will offer equal opportunities for training and development of employees from diverse backgrounds, allow only qualified personnel to handle the machinery, and uphold the cultural heritage of the people living where the company is established. For instance, the company will engage in ethical marketing of its products, comply with the environmental regulations, frequent engagements with the community on the life cycle impacts, and implementing effective monitoring processes. There will also be environmental labels on all the finished products to show that the company complies with the regulations set by the government.

Concerning economic sustainability, the company will allocate resources to research and development to identify materials that are friendly to the environment and increase the exchange of information on the latest innovations. For instance, the organization will only use organic fibre in the production of various types of clothing.

These measures will be adopted by the company to ensure that the organization pursues profitability alongside sustainability and have a lifelong impact on the people. By committing to the improvement of the environment, social and economic performances, the organization and its brands will also enhance their reputation.



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