Sample Paper on Starting a Recycling Program in the Community

Starting a Recycling Program in the Community

Caroline McAuley is a passionate individual on matters pertaining the environment and more so, on the issue of recycling. She is currently the mayor of Vermillion, Alberta but her work on the issue of recycling covers the whole of United States of America since she is a member of the federal recycling board. Particularly, McAuley has been a resident of Vermillion for more than 30 years, during which she has been a volunteer in multiple environment conservation activities hence ascending to the position of the town councilor in 2009 was simply a natural step. Hence, having worked in community development and having a great track record of achievements as a Moyer of a town for almost a decade, she was a worth candidate to interview on the aspect of starting a recycling program in the community. During the interview, McAuley asserted that much of the waste dirtying our environment could be recycled and hence conserve out environment while opening more economic activities from their recycling.

According to McAuley, recycling encompasses returning waste into useful materials. It entails collecting waste products such as bottles and paper bags and reprocessing them into new reusable products. It should be noted that the U.S government has already seen the effects of environment pollution such as outbreak of illnesses and choking of wildlife by plastic paper bags. Traditional methodologies of disposing waste such as burying it or burning it only seems to add to the problem of environment pollution hence making recycling the most efficient an viable methodology of dealing with waste. When answering the questions, it was noted that McAuley was passionate about the issue of recycling waste materials from the environment. She was eager to offer as much information as possible on the subject. However, some questions such as the negative effects of waste products seemed to hurt her as she would flinch when answering them. She went ahead and even pointed examples of the effects of plastic pollution to the environment such as the covering of landfill with plastic bags which are then consumed by domestics animals such as cattle hence leading to their poisoning. Moreover, consuming meat from such poisoned cattle is detrimental to people’s health. All I all, the interview was informative and an eye opening one.

In conclusion, it ca be asserted that we as the U.S community are staring at problem which is preventable yet failing to prevent it can cause long lasting detrimental effects. This problem encompasses the issue of environment pollution with objects such as plastics. Some of the consequences of this pollution entails the negative effect they have on flora and fauna of the environment. Hence, it is prudent to employ the recycling approach which will ensure that pollutants are collected from the environment and remanufactured into usable objects. From McAuley’s perception, going the recycling will come with additional benefits. Not only will the environment become cleaner but this approach will open job activities for a lot of people since recycling firms will have to be set up to handle the recycling activities. The most encouraging thing is that both the state and the federal government is concerned with conserving the environment hence it should be a tedious task in getting entities which can fund the starting of a recycling program in the community.



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