Sample Paper on The Disappearing World – The Kayapo Community

Question 1

The Kayapo are a subculture of the Indian community that resides in the rainforest located along the Xingu River within the Para State of Brazil. This subtribe has been in this land for a long time as most generations of the Kayapo people still trace their origin to the Amazon forest. The main tribe (or dominant culture) that lived in this region had a unique dressing code which distinguished its subtribes This dressing code was an innovation by the Kayapo people that promoted peaceful co-existence with other wild animals. Moreover, they engaged in cultural activities that described the community’s main phases of life; birth, initiation, marriage, and death. For instance, the Kayapo people had a unique mourning practice that was common during the burial of a community member.

Question 2

The Kayapo community depends on hunting and fishing as their main economic activities. For instance, they hunt birds, gazelles as well as monkeys – even though these are not the main sources of protein to this community. Fishing, as the other economic activity, was done in interesting ways that are contrary to modern fishing. For instance, they would find a poisonous plant and dispose it in some parts of Xingu River where fish was in plenty. After a while, they would then return and spear any fish that was found lingering on the river’s surface. The Kayapo community would also engage in unique cultural values that defined their spiritual way of life. For instance, fishermen would conduct a spiritual activity of appeasing the ancestors before going for fishing.

Question 3

The film illustrates the lighting aspect of the sun into the forest which penetrates through thick trees. This was used to illustrate the main source of Vitamin D to the Kayapo people who mainly depended on hunting and fishing as sources of proteins to their bodies. Similarly, the digital presentation of the film is captured using the diffusion element of light propagation. The collective contribution – of different aspects of diffusion in the film – ensures that the entertainment aspect of the movie is not only interesting but also educative.

Question 4

The Kayapo community has a culture which is common to most ethnic societies that represent a particular dominant culture. For instance, fishing is a common activity that represents coastal communities of a particular dominant culture. However, the unique ways of fishing among the subcultures would define a particular subculture just like the Kayapo people – who represented a dominant group of the Indian community. Similarly, the social way of life among the Kayapo community draws a significant point of similarity with most traditional people. This would include worshipping practices that included appeasing the ancestors as well as engaging in health safeguarding activities that capitalized on the medical benefits of forest plants.

Question 5

Globalization has had a mix of negative and positive impacts on the community of Kayapo which represents the main tribe of Indians in Brazil. On one hand, the Kayapo people have benefited from modern education which is transforming their ancient economic activities into professional ways of earning a living. For instance, this community is facing residential extinction as most of the community members have moved to urban towns in such of education and jobs. On the other hand, the indigenous Kayapo people are facing eviction from authorities which is intending to develop the community’s land into a high-income generating activity for the Brazilian economy.