Sample Paper on The Ultimate Software Company

The Ultimate Software Company

The ultimate software company specializes in the provision of the human capital management by utilizing the cloud concept. The company has an ultimate award winning UltiPro that helps in human resource, payroll, talent time, and management of labor. It provides solutions that connect people to information and the resources that they require to enable them work effectively. Ultimate software was started in the year 1990. It has witnessed growth since it was formed. Currently, it has more than 2300 people who are committed and dedicated to enhance the personal work experience.

Ultimate software desires to put all people first, hence enabling the company to have a history of success. It has developed long-term relationships with many clients. The company has been able to represent a wide clientele base from small to large companies; they represent companies of all sizes across the various industries. Some of the companies that are represented by ultimate software include Cineplex, Yamaha and the blooming brands.

The organization functions with a commitment to put all people first. The idea of the company goes beyond the company. It drives the company strategy and enables it to design products and services that meet the needs of the consumers. Ultimate Software has urged all its customers to put people first, by assisting them in the development of centric platforms that make them grow and meet the objectives of their businesses. The organization has an exclusive focus on the HCM. Most of the organization time is spent on development and the delivery of efficient HCM technology. The company includes trusted advisors and business partners that can be relied on in the delivery of sustained excellence in HCM solutions and services.

The company has a comprehensive, human resource, payroll and talent management. It has developed UltiPro by utilizing broad capabilities and greater user experiences. Clients are provided with different tools including, recruitment, benefits management, and compliance and compensation management tools. The company was the first to initiate the plan delivering HR and Payroll through the cloud systems, this has made the company become one of the most experienced HCM cloud providers, and it has a record of 19 million people. The advantages of  cloud technology include a 24/7 global and mobile access from anywhere in the world, instant innovation delivery, industry best practices for the purpose of security.

SWOT Analysis for the ultimate software


Due to its large clientele base, the company enjoys high profitability and revenue. Cloud systems and utilization of efficient technology have significantly reduced labor costs. The company enjoys a high growth rate, due to its highly skilled labor force.


The company operates in a highly competitive market; many people have not had a chance to know more about it. Determining the future profitability of ultimate software is complex due to unpredictable shifts in the world economy.


The emergence of new markets will assist the company to have more clients.The global markets are becoming more diverse and this presents an opportunity for the organization. New products plus services will assist the company to get more customers in the future; Ultimate software will have the capacity of attracting customers. The company income level is growing at a very fast rate.


The increasing costs of production and tax changes mean that the organization has to use more money to run its services and manufacture its products. This might result to low profit margins. Companies that provide similar services are emerging and this is resulting in competition. The increased rates of interests and rising cost of raw materials are affecting production and service delivery.