Sample Paper on The Worldview Foundations of Spirituality and Ethics

The worldview foundations of spirituality and ethics speak about healing from the point of science and spirituality. The document begins on a good note, appreciating spirituality in the hospitals and workplaces. This is an interesting beginning for a document that will include in its reading the power of science. It is interesting to read that spiritual healing is being widely acknowledged even at Duke University (Gotsis and Kortezi, 575).  They have put in place a centre that serves the purpose of conducting research, training others how to conduct research, is also involved in the work of promoting scholarly field-building activities related to religion, spirituality, and health. The centre has served as a house or meeting point for all spiritual matters. It seeks to support and bring together various people who have an interest in spiritual matters including researchers, clinicians, theologians, clergies and any other interested parties.

When discussing healing, both science and spiritual plays a significant role.  As the author notes, instead of disputing all religions and saying they are generic; its place in the society should be recognized. He has also acknowledged the foundations of Christian spirituality in health care as based on genuine knowledge of God and his purposes (Josephson and Peteet, 64). Science plays a major role and should not be ignored, because of the developments it has made to the health care. It has been made superior to every other healing process as the only true and rational means of healing. Although it has made strides in the healing process, science has a major weakness of being unable to make moral and ethical judgments. However, spirituality will only be acknowledged if the ethos of scientism and postmodernism are challenged and dispelled.

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