Sample Paper on What is Authentic Assessment?


Traditional assessment as described by the author enables students to select answers or recall information to complete an assessment. Furthermore, he/she states that TA is based on different philosophies including the belief that the mission of any school is to produce productive citizens, learning institutions must instil skills and knowledge, and that in determining if the method is successful, schools must test the students to assess the level of their knowledge and skills (Mueller n.p). Authentic assessment, on the other hand, is based on principles that the primary mission of schools is to develop productive citizens; it should empower an individual to perform different tasks


The purpose of the article is to highlight differences between traditional assessment (TA) and authentic assessment (AS). It also highlights how modern teachers have taken a new approach that only concentrates on passing tests rather than improving knowledge and skills.

Intended Audience

The indented audience of the article is the teachers who have over the years changed the strategies they use to teach their students.

Subject Matter

The subject matter of the article is that teachers should adopt a more appropriate method of teaching their students primarily through employing techniques that would promote the acquisition of both skills and knowledge and not only for test purposes.

Author’s arguments

The author argues that traditional assessment only encourages teachers to teach to the test to help children pas and not to acquire knowledge. Secondly, the author notes that the use of AA in teaching helps students to acquire knowledge and skills enables them to apply this aspect in their daily lives. Lastly, the article argues that teachers should use both AA and TA methods to enable efficiency in their work.

Opinions 1

The use of TA is still an essential way of enhancing teaching and ensures students understand the basic concepts and how to go about them. Equally, teachers should know that both TA and AA are still essential in the teaching process and that they help in increasing the efficiency of their work. Lastly, teaching methods should be assessed by the relevant authorities including school administration to ascertain that only the recommended techniques are used.

Opinions 2

The author has effectively discussed the two concepts and provided an elaborative approach to understanding their application in an educational setting. I believe that that the use of both TA and AA in teaching will enable comprehension of different aspects of acquiring and applying knowledge, particularly in the contemporary educational system.


Work Cited

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