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Personal Statement

I find myself attracted to economics, which is a demanding discipline and it inspires me to learn more. It is stimulating how the formal and analytical state of economics is applied in tackling distinct and complex organic concepts for instance, deflation and inflation. Being an avid economics bulletins reader, I have followed headlines keenly on the leading journals such as the Time Magazine, The Times and The Economist among others and I am always fascinated by the manner in which they address issues in the real world. Authors of these journals have carefully analyzed problems societies in the real world face and them to the position of societal saviors. One cannot stop admiring the knowledge they have in matters economic and requesting for more than simply the chance to walk in their paths. Driven by the passion to increase the knowledge base of economic, I am looking for the opportunity to pursuing a master’s in economics. Currently, I am in my final BSc Development Economics at SOAS, University of London. Starting 2014 September, I would consider applying for a Master’s in Chinese Economy (English Taught) at CUSTOMESSAYSthe University of Fudan.

Circumstances have contributed to the interest I have in economics and mentors heightened it. I was born in a family that is family oriented, as such it was not by chance but the result of long years of preparation and planning to achieve a childhood dream. My original home is Thailand where the family owns a car business. I help in running the business therefore I have learned lessons from the small business and desire of understanding the mechanism of behind day to day operations of the business has driven me into the class of economics. I have made observations of prices going down as well as up as well as increase and decrease in supplies, exchange rates moving up and down a couple of people being sacked and employed in the business as well as some customers who are loyal changing their patterns of consumption on the basis of supplies, seasons and prices. During my observations, I have not only seen disappointments and smiles but sadly, regrets on the faces of people who have failed to cushion themselves from certain risks like a foreseeable rise in reduction in supply as well as prices. Hence, I discovered that study of economics is going to give me the chance to comprehend the secret behind supply, price changes and consumption among other issues that affect the society and this will give me the chance to provide a solution that is timely. In this manner, I will have an opportunity of impacting the society in a better way to create a huge impact in society through the contributions I make towards enhancing the economy of the world. Improving the living standards of people via economics is a vision I chose to pursue long ago. This and several other factors highlight the reason I decided to study economics.

Study of economics as my degree has also proven to be an eye opener on varying issues as such I am committed to pursue it to the end. Working in the family business as a child, it was hard for me to understand specific dynamics such as why in some instances high sales were recorded in the business while other instances the sales were low yet commodities never changed. Since I joined the class on economics, such dynamics have now become clear. What is more, I have acquired skills in marketing which I intend to put to the test in order to assess how effective they are. In the course of my undergraduate degree program, I have learnt a great thing which is the fact dynamics are full in the market and the most reliable way to deal with changes which are constant is to remain flexible to adapt to the changes as they arise least one is wiped from business. This is an indication the world hungers for individuals with an understanding of economics and that the best place to acquire this knowledge is Fudan University in Shangai.

The interest in possess to study Masters in Chinese Economy (English Taught) at the Shangai University is influenced by the future goals I possess regarding my career. My aim is to be a business person that is well known and an expert consultant. Upon graduation, I will take over my parents business and I intend to expand it to international level in China especially. China is already an investment center for a couple of multinational companies. Its economy is a socialist market which comes second to that of the United States in regard to nominal GDP and power parity. Additionally, China holds the largest labor force globally which is roughly 796 million. The large population and the expanding economy in China is an implication it is a great location for investors. By pursuing economics studies, I will be ideally placed to carry out an analysis of investment climate, predict the situation of the market as well as make contributions to general economic state via employment creation. Additionally, I will be placed in a better position to offer investors my own opinion on the basis of the market analysis I carry out. I will be glad if my car business is in line with consultancy services especially in areas like Human Resource Management and opportunities for investment. The consultancy services I offer will help not only potential investors but consumers and ensure some of the existing economic pitfalls are avoided.

Pursuing my studies in China will not be difficult despite the fact I am a Thai since I am strongly interested in the Chinese language and economy. Additionally, at my ongoing institution The University of London, I have been studying Chinese parallel to undergraduate degree and I am able to communicate at intermediate level in the language. What is more, I am competent at intermediate level in mandarin and am currently studying Japanese. During my holidays, I often visit China or when I have the opportunity as I love China and I am interested in being proficient in Chinese. I also completed a large part of my internship in China.

My years as an undergraduate have been with challenges but despite this fact, I am a hardworking student. During my years at University of London, the School of Oriental and African Studies, I failed to perform up to my expectations. Despite burying myself in books for long periods, during the first and second years my grades were not a reflection of my abilities and potential. I feel like I have not done as well as I expected though this does not keep me from staying focused on my goal. I am settled well and there is a tremendous improvement in my grades to the point I expect to get good scores in the final year results. I strongly desire to pursue a master’s degree in China hence I am prepared to fit into the learning climate and visit China every year. I am also confident I will fit into the China economy seamlessly.

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I have substantial experience gained from interning experiences and involvement in our family business. From the young age of 11, I have acquired considerable skills in management of databases, accounts and telephones. I have as well represented the company in carrying out business deals which are at an international scale. In 2011i worked in Thailand at the Ministry of Finance where I increased my skills in database management, note taking and public relations during tax management strategy and departmental revenue meetings. Between 2011 and 2012, I also worked at Shangai Expat Hotels as a marketing intern and between 2013 and 2013 at the Swire Hotel in Beijing in a similar capacity. From these two undertakings, I have accumulated hands-on experience in carrying out market research, creation of new ideas for marketing different kinds of products, organization of various exhibitions and events, good communication, public relations as well as designing of marketing materials such as leaflets, flyers and location maps. Additionally, I am proficient in a couple of computer packages which include Ms Office, Photoshop and Internet Explorer.

I am fascinated by the Human Resource Management since I believe human capital if of great importance in any economy. I also have considerable hands on experience in HR management including the provision of services that are required to run a business. During the 2012 summer, I served as an HR consulting Intern at the Shanghai Dongjin Business Consulting Company. The company provided consulting services in Legal matters, HR, Taxes and marketing. The clients of the company are majorly companies and individuals interested in investing or having a business in China. I was in the Human Resource department helping in interviews and making decisions on ideal workers for clients. During one such interview, I was able to select as well as interview three hundred workers for an international company interested in investing in China. I believe to succeed as a Human Resource researcher, one is supposed to have public relations skills, informational communication and analysis, proper record keeping and organization skills among others. If I greatly focus on these areas, I am going to be in  position to streamline the process of gathering information, carrying out analysis, keeping records and inseminating information during my Economics masters.

Out of my professional outline, I also immensely enjoy traveling. I use a large percentage of my holiday chances to tour other countries as well as share acquired new experiences. Also, I have visited numerous countries in Asia and Europe as such getting exposed to different kinds of social environments. Additionally, during leisure, I enjoy a game of volleyball. As a matter of fact, I am part of the volleyball team in my university and I have participated in various tournaments. I am social since I get along with those I interact with easily. I also possess both intrapersonal and interpersonal skills and they help me focus more on the goals I have in life.

My acceptance to Fudan University will be a good strategy for it as I will be their greatest asset. My exceptional experience in England and Thailand as well as the familiarity I have with the environment in China will make me a person of great value in the study of groups that are made up of students not familiar with Chinese, Thai or Japanese. Also, my interest in reading economic issues will help me make contributions to research work as such fulfilling the university’s mandate which is a place of innovation. I also expect acquisition of knowledge that is comprehensive in economics and the culture as well as national policy upheld by China.

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