Sample Philosophy Essays on The Greek Myth of origin

The Greek Myth of origin

Pandora’s role in the Greek myth of origin is to give an explanation of how sin and suffering experienced by human beings and other creatures came about. It is argued that Pandora, after her marriage to Epimetheus removed the lid of her storage jar and released sufferings, sickness, and labor, which were scattered all over the earth. Pandora is seen to be the cause of the miseries of human beings.

From the Greek myth of origins, Greece was a patriarchal society. Men were dominant over their female counterparts, who unsuccessfully tried to maintain their identity (O’Neal 116). This resulted in endless wars between the patriarchal and matriarchal aspects. In the patriarchal culture, women played two key roles: being wives and mothers. Other roles of women defined by included witches, rebels, and lovers.

The myth supports patriarchal power while undermining matriarchal power. The myth states that women had no role in the society other than being a wife or mother and other secondary roles defined by men (O’Neal 117). Moreover, women were blamed for most of the challenges or faults in the society including lack of children. According to the myth, Zeus introduced the culture and moral order while establishing a patriarchal government on Olympus. He denied females such powers as children bearing children; Zeus produced Athena from his head, and Dionysus from his thigh (O’Neal 116). The myth therefore changes the role and position of women, particularly that of production. It diminishes their importance in the society. The myth relegates women to the periphery of all the important aspects of the society. They are demonized and associated with ills in the society.

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