Sample Philosophy Paper on Christian Worldview

A Christian worldview is mainly based on the word of God. While observing the word of God, it forms the foundation of all that a Christian does on earth. In this regard, the Bible guides their morals, they can observe a higher power than themselves for salvation, and they believe that biblical guidance is accurate and correct. In general life, a Christian’s worldview is integrated into their career, academics, family and marriage, church, and community service. Most actions in these fields can obtain guidance from biblical teachings, which demonstrate a strong foundation (Arrows, 2016). However, in rational thinking, some of the Biblical teachings may have been unrealistic in the modern world, which may affect its practice among them. Nevertheless, Christian worldview continues to shape the lives of numerous people across the world (Valk, 2017). In this discussion, the intended application of Christian Worldview and practice of the academic major to different areas of life are described. These areas include vocation, academic major, and career; church membership; singleness, marriage, and family; community service and citizenship; and stewardship.

In vocation, academic major, and career, the Christian worldview shapes personality, behaviour, and ethical approach to these fields. In the 16personalities, my results show a mediator personality type. Challenges in finding a satisfying career often characterize this personality type. Although professional life is okay for them, including academic life, they are bothered with consistency and hassle that goes into a career or an educational undertaking. In the life of a mediator, careers that involve creativity and are passion-driven always excite them (Cooling, 2020). In that regard, my potential career would be in the art-related field or scientific fields that involve creativity. As mentioned, some of my strengths are creativity, independence, and passionate. However, some of my weaknesses include quick frustration into a field, primarily when it does not fulfil my heart desires. Therefore, having the understanding that what I am studying is directly linked to my passion is my only goal.

Among some of the possible habits in the workplace, I usually take others’ issues personally, which reduces the ability to be rational or ignorant. In this breadth, I take pride in helping other people get to their goals and needs. In this regard, I plan to reduce my over-caring nature to become more realistic and practical. For instance, when something does not work for me, I should openly tell the other person my perspective and expect them to understand without explanations. Nevertheless, I enjoy helping people, which is according to Biblical teachings. For instance, “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give” (Matthew 10:8). In this verse, helping others is a virtue advocated for each Christian to follow. Therefore, I understand that my deeds are for God, and with more, I will be blessed. In this regard, I intend to help more people in my career and please God in the process.

Exposure to philosophy and the analysis of the Bible have contradicted my perceptions about ethics, my career path, and the education currently undertaking. Based on the scriptures, a person was created with particular unique skills and abilities that can be directed towards interest or a field (Romans 12: 6-8). For instance, a computer programmer can work in a Christian organization as a programmer, which enables them to introduce technology to the work of God. As a result, God can reward them based on their talents, creativity, and willingness to serve him. Therefore, God understands that for each person, he created them with a purpose and for absolute satisfaction, every person will design their life. However, according to philosophy, a broader and more rational way of thinking is adopted and encouraged. This allows various disbeliefs on particular biblical subjects and diverts attention to the realities of the world. As a result, one is entangled between Christianity and philosophy, which affects a person’s stand.

As an intention, I would like to a career that I explore creativity such as artwork and perhaps writing or undertaking research projects and programs in different areas. In this regard, I will strive to enhance and spread the knowledge of the creation and spirituality through writing or expression through other forms of artwork. I intend to understand my career from a point where I am different based on my provisions. I want to become a source of inspiration for the people and enhance interaction between people that I would be working with. One subject that I believe most professionals are accused of is theft and misappropriation of funds. Therefore, the credibility of my practice and succeeding in that field will solely be dependent on ethics and morals that I have gained over-time.

In my perspective, the Christian Worldview has a substantial impact on one’s life. The contradiction sets in when one gets exposed to other forms of explanations from real-life situations and philosophical expressions. In the workplace, the creation of an environment for creativity and driven by Christian perception is challenging to find. However, these challenges are more comfortable to overcome when one has strong morals and ethical virtues. One of my traits, as demonstrated above, include helping others, which I think is an excellent trait to possess as a Christian. This would ensure that I receive blessings from God in abundance and that my basic operations would be streamlined. Therefore, God plays a useful role in my life both in the academic program and in the career choice I chose.

On church, membership is essential for me considering the fulfilment that I gain from after attending. In my life, the church has been an integral institution of life lessons and activities. Through seminars, discussion with members about academic and work environments, the church is like family to me. When I was growing up, my parents ensured that we attend church every Sunday of the week. This ensured we had consistency even when praising God. The main focus of the church was spiritual growth and supporting each other emotionally whenever one was going through a hard time. In the churches, there are fathers and older people with different levels of accomplishments. In that regard, there is always room for learning from the other person, more so about life. When one requires support in any form, they are supported adequately. These acts of faith and kindness have drawn me closer to the understanding of the word of God and to enhance my life skills. Therefore, from teachings I have received from our church, I have grown up to become a respectable, a hard worker, and an excellent reader of the word of God.



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