Sample Philosophy Paper on Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are used to explain the chronology of events that happened in the past. This remains a mystery to the common men who are deemed to believe the theories and adopt them. Theorists exist amongst the elite group in the society thus able to influence the society in a big way. Secondly, these theories remain a secret to the public and the elite group may decide to use the theories to give an explanation about an event or circumstances such as the origin of HIV virus. The public have to accept what is offered by the elite. It would be so hard for an ordinary citizen to determine the credibility of elite explanations.

On the other hand, narrative explanation by Velleman indicates the narrator gives an account of the events that happened under his watch or an idea he or she developed. Readers connect to the events and assume the role of the reconciliatory or problem solver. They believe that they contributed to the process of finding solution hence despising the role of the narrator. This helps connect emotional cadence to the story as it unfolds. An example is where the sequence of event makes the audience attain emotional resolution. In a murder case, the explanation of events prior to the execution of the act tends to offer concrete resolution to the affiliated parties following up the matter. It helps come up with a formidable answer to the questions that the police and authority in charge may be in search for. In doing so, one can be able to separate the truth or trace an event from its origin and what transpired to its happening.