Sample Political Science Essay on Media Bias

Media Bias

The bias nature of media in United States has made plenty of people to perceive news to be untrustworthy. As a result, both the conservatives and liberals have lamented on ways that media cover elections. These two parties claim that their procedures are twisted hence depict racial and news biasness.

Recent reports exhibit that 80 percent of the public have the notion that people in power control the news. Evidently, biasness in media has spread across US and it is killing democracy due to absence of objectivity. In this regard, biasness in media has become a huge concern in society. For instance, it denies citizens their voting rights and their urge to practice democracy when they distort information. Radio hosts and media bloggers hinder opinions of the public in both their articles and shows (Sullivan 2).

Media bias is also clear when reporters neglect important details that they perceive to be unnecessary to the audience. Furthermore, journalists depict biasness when they report events that they don’t agree to. In such a situation, they decide to deliver the story in their own versions hence omit vital details. It is also evident that media houses have a right of selecting the news they require the public to know. This is because they are controlled by the public relations section. The public relations have a responsibility of controlling information that is delivered to the public by the media houses.

In United States, biasness in media is also clear when various firms choose to favour a specific political party. In addition, availability of money and popularity are vital aspects that determine the manner in which media relate with different companies. It is essential for media to neglect biasness and consider presenting balanced reports to enhance democracy.


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