Sample Political Science Essays on Operations Sergeant Major

Operations Sergeant Major

The Operations Sergeant Majors are critical influencers of training and development in the unit management training (UMT). They make critical decisions concerning the training and leadership development for the effective operations of their units. Adequate training is essential in the military since it increases the unit’s success in executing its mandate. The Operations Sergeant Majors ensure that officers in their unit engage in continuous training and leadership development to achieve their outcomes.

The Operations Sergeant Majors are the custodians of the military doctrines. They are responsible for ensuring that their units teach and apply military doctrines (Department of the Army, 2014). They collaborate with other military professionals to ensure that their members are conversant with military doctrines, and they are using them to enhance their efficiency. They act as overseers of the training programs in their units to ensure learners are taught using the military doctrines’ contents. Besides, they also have an essential role to play in doctrinal changes. They assess the changes that are taking place in an environment where they are regularly operating. Consequently, they make proposals of the required military changes to ensure their members are equipped to respond to all types of threats in the changing environment. They support the formulation of procedures and policies to enhance the modernization of the army.

They also play a managerial role in their unit to support the leadership development processes. As managers, The Operations Sergeant Majors oversee the development of personnel’s abilities and skills in their units for the future success of the army (Department of the Army, 2017). They achieve this goal by identifying individuals who have the potential to become leaders in the future. They ensure such persons are trained and given leadership roles to develop their skills. As a result, they ensure there is no shortage of influential leaders in the army.



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