Sample Political Science Essays on Should the Tea Party take over the Republican Party?


Years of increasing friction between leaders of the Republican Party and members of the Tea Party faction have since erupted into a complete mess. Since last year, the differences between the two sections have become apparent. This has meant that the GOP party’s plans and strategies have received stiff opposition from within, thereby compromising the party’s position in relation to the Democratic Party. In some instances, some Republican strategies have been thwarted by Tea Party revolts. The Tea Party group will find it extremely difficult to take over the Republicans. Thus, it should create its own political party to compete in state and national elections.

Tea Party members should form their own party

Since the establishment of democracy in the United States, only two parties have dominated the country’s political scene: the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Even though some parties have been created, they have totally failed to win over enough voters to rival these two. However, this does not necessarily mean that the Tea Party will also fail. The party already boasts a number of high-profile members. In addition, the main source of conflict between these party rebels and loyalists has been argued that the Republican Party has been compromising on its conservativeness. Many observers believe that the current GOP heads are not conservative enough. This explains why they have been willing to support some of President Obama’s policies. To win over voters, the Tea Party members will try to convince Americans that they are following the original ideals of the Republican Party. In essence, they will associate the GOP with the Democratic Party and accuse them of attempting to become liberal. This will win over conservative voters who are disappointed with the way the GOP is being run.

Surveys in the recent past have shown that most Americans are fed up with the country’s two parties and would welcome a third national party. Last year, following the government shutdown that crippled most federal agencies, Gallup conducted a survey asking whether Americans wanted another party to rival the two major parties. Its findings showed that 60% of those interviewed said that the Democrats and Republicans are doing a poor job in representing America and thus wanted a third major party. Since the poll was established ten years ago, this was the highest ever figure. Another finding that will hearten Tea Party members is that only 26% of Americans believe that the current two parties adequately represent Americans. This is a record low (Jones 1). Currently, the third major party that can thrive is the Tea Party. Therefore, its members should use the existing dissatisfaction with the Republican and the Democratic parties to wow voters. This would only happen if they formed a national party.

To show that the Tea Party can be a major force in the United States, the poll also showed that 52 percent of Republicans and 49 percent of Democrats agree that a third party is needed (Jones 1). This is the first time that such a perception has been majorly supported by members of the two parties. Therefore, the Tea Party should ditch the GOP and form its own national party.


There have been widespread frictions within the Republican Party, pitting rebel Tea Party members and perceived loyalists. These wrangles are not helping either section. Instead, they are only giving the Democratic Party an upper hand. The Tea Party will find it extremely difficult to take over the Republicans. Therefore, it should consider forming its national party.


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