Sample Political Science Paper on Democratic and Republican Political Parties

The Democrats and Republican parties are the major parties in the United States of America politics. In fact, nearly all the general elections in the United States of America have always been like a ground for supremacy battles between these two parties. This, therefore, makes the two parties’ major stakeholders in the electoral process. They are charged with the responsibility of helping the electoral institutions achieve maximum voter turnout.

One strategy towards increasing voter turnout in any electoral process is enhancing high standards of integrity. The two parties should ensure that the voting process chosen upon is unquestionable, reliable, and trustworthy. Most voters feel dejected whenever the most preferred candidate is denied victory due to electoral irregularities. On the same note, most voters will consider it a waste of time to take part in by-elections resulting from electoral disputes. A free and fair election process thus encourages more voter turnout.

A simple and precise voting system will also increase voter turnout. It is the responsibility of the two mentioned parties to work in conjunction with the electoral institutions to design voting processes that are simple and less time-consuming. For instance, ballot papers should contain simple, clear, and easy-to-follow instructions. Most voters give up easily upon seeing long voter queues at the polling stations. The best remedy for this can be the use of online voting, which is quite simple and less time-consuming.

Finally, the two parties should devote voter civic education as part of their campaign agenda during elections. This will ensure that the voters see the need and essence as to why they should participate in the election process. Voters will also acquire the information they need in order to make informed choices. This will definitely increase voter turnout.