Sample Political Science Paper on Political Polarization

Please answer these following question in about 200-300 words. Please write a details about what to write about if we were to write 2-4 paragraphs on each question. Please make your answers clear and concise. Successful answers will reflect your own thinking and understanding of the material. These answers will provide details and context that support your arguments and explain your position to the readers. You may also want to provide real world examples taken from the readings, lectures, group discussions, or your own independent thinking. You will notice that each question asks you to explain 1) how specific features of American political institutions have evolved or function, 2) provide examples of how these institutions operate and solve problems, and then 3) explain if and why these political institutions need to be “fixed” and 4) propose your own ideas for fixing or improving the political institution.

1. a) Why is Congress organized into committees? How does the committee system help Congress overcome problems of collective action and reduce the overall costs of information processing for each individual member? b) What are the potential downsides of organizing Congress through committees? c) How do political parties influence the structure and operation of the committee system? d) What reforms– if any– would you propose to improve or address concerns about the committee system? Why?

2. a) Why does the US have only two major political parties? Make sure and describe Duverger’s law and strategic behavior on the part of voters, politicians, and parties. b) Explain why it would be hard for a third party to be electorally successful. c) What institutional/electoral reforms could be made to create more viable opportunities for additional parties in American politics? d) Would these reforms be helpful? Why or why not?

3. a) What is political polarization? b) What evidence is there that political polarization is occurring among elites and the mass public? How are elite and mass polarization different? c) Discuss two factors that may be causing political polarization. d) In your view, what could be done to reduce political polarization? Why would these reforms be effective?

Please use the lectures to help answer these questions: