Sample Political Science Paper on reason why I agree with elections

Yes, I definitely agree with the fact that people should vote on judges. The reason why I agree with elections is because it’s always better to let people make their own choices. They should also be able to make their own decisions because, being a judge is a very powerful position and we should be able to make sure that the right people are appointed to this type of position.

Firstly, everybody deserves to make their own choices, especially when it comes to politics.As it says in our text, “ The people are the best guardians of their own welfare” ( Morone & Kersh, pp 445). My perspective is that justice is a very delicate topic. Therefore, it would always be best for people to make their own decisions so that when things don’t turn out the way that they want it, at least they won’t have anyone to blame. If people get the choice, then they will have more confidence in the fairness of the judges. If they don’t pick, it may end up being a disaster because they don’t trust them.

One of the arguments against election is that it brings too much politics into the situation. However, according to the text, “ 70 percent of the public thinks that justices sometimes let their own political views influence their rulings. Because politics is inevitable, the public should have direct voice in judicial selection” (Morone & Kersh, pp 445). I agree with the statement because this argument makes the most sense to me. I think politics is part of our daily life, we cannot avoid it. Even if you don’t know anything about politics you’re still involved. Thus, it is always better to know a little about politics, you don’t need to like it, it’s just important to know a little bit about it, so that you can make right decisions for the future. Elections are a good way for the public to become involved to make sure that the right person gets chosen for the job position.

Lastly, because we live in a democratic country, everyone should be able to express their own opinion on how they want the government and justice system to be shaped. Having elections allows the people to make decisions about things that would impact them directly. Making choices about who they elect can make the public feel good and more confident about the justice system. It is always a good choice to have elections.

James A. Morone and Rogan Kersh. 2021. By the People, Brief Fifth Edition (Links to an external site.) , Oxford University Press, New York