Sample Political Science Paper on The Characteristics of American Democracy

A democratic society provides as many benefits as possible to the citizens. Various features have to be true about a government system for it to truly democratic. American democracy is founded on the principle of majority rule and fundamental human rights. It gives people the freedom to make decisions about their lives and to live without fear, discrimination, and harassment (Sidlow & Henschen, 2001). It allows the Americans to develop their abilities fully and guarantees them the freedom of speech, assembly, and association. As provided for in the law, American democracy protects its citizens and allows them to elect representatives of their choice. Besides electing leaders, American democracy give the citizens the right to remove them if their performance is not satisfactory. The rule of law ensures that the judiciary remains independent and that all citizens are equal.

The press enjoys immense freedom that makes it possible to expose all manner of malpractices and corruption within the government. By enjoying the freedom of diversified opinion, the media acts as an alternative means of interpreting news and events to the citizens. The special inquiries and parliamentary committees ensure that the executive is accountable and that public officers are answerable to the people through parliament (Sidlow & Henschen, 2001). American democracy also supports and enhances the civil society’s ability to question the government and to remain vibrant. It allows members of the public to be participative in matters affecting their lives. Also unique about American democracy is its moral obligation towards refugees and non-citizens, guests, and other nations.

How the American Government differ from the Theory of Democratic Government

Many things set apart the American democracy from the classical democratic theory applied in other parts of the world, but the most notable is the privatization of the media and industries. Compared to other democracies across the world, America is more conservative, preferring private industries to public ones and private media to state-owned ones. Major industries in the transport, telecommunication, and the manufacturing sector have been commercialized as opposed to overseas, where most of these sectors are state-owned .The majority of media houses in America are privately owned, the content of which fairly criticizes the current administration (Gallington, 2013). On the contrary, many other democracies have some level of control and regulation over what media houses can publish. Even in the health care sector, citizens rely on private health insurance providers that are regulated at the States level apart from the few who cannot pay who are subsidized by the government. On the contrary, most European and other healthcare systems are managed and run by the state.

Whereas most other democratic countries have a parliamentary form of government, the US has a presidential system.  Historically, America uses this system of government to limit the powers of the executive and the central government at large. Politically, American politics is so local, which is why there is more grassroots political reaction across the whole country. As opposed to other democracies where the central government is at the center of political influence, few Americans care about what happens in Washington (Gallington, 2013). Furthermore, America is considered the center for most revolutionary technologies, positive ideologies, and economic ideas compared to other democracies. For this reason, America remains the most preferred destination for many foreigners.




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