Sample Political Science Paper on The UAE’s Smart Leadership and Strategies

Hi, I want a literature review (3) pages. I wrote one and shared as my draft but the Dr. send me some comments below in this details for your review.

The requirements as follows:
1- Review my draft
2- Review Dr. comments
3- write 3 pages as a literature review using the provided sources (PDF files)

(Dr Comments below)
I would suggest reading more scholarly papers/journal articles in order to craft your main research objective and question. Kindly read the following 7 articles attached along with the one you suggested.

Then, send me a draft literature review in 2-3 pages. Based on the discussion in Literature review, you can frame research objective. Try to frame a broad single research objective, then a set of 2-3 research questions.

In method section, you mentioned both conducting interview and collecting survey data? Is that true? What is your proposed conceptual framework and related hypothesis? Provide more clarity using theoretical discussion. By the way, which theory or model you will take into consideration for the discussion