Sample Psychology Case Study on is a victim of child abuse

Case Study

John is a 10-year old boy who recently joined grade 5 in Westshore Junior located in Melbourne, Florida. For a long time, John has faced financial difficulties that have seen him find it hard to concentrate in school like his friends. John’s dad passed on when he was a young boy aged five years. He stayed with his mum until the age of 9 when he moved to the eastern part of Melbourne where he currently lives with his aunt, Jaclyn. Jaclyn has two children named Cavin and Stacy. Cavin is older than Stacy and John and recently graduated from junior school to high school. Stacy, on the other hand, is in junior school but studies in a school that can only be afforded by the wealthy individuals in the community. John comes from a poor background and has had challenges adapting to the high-end life his cousins enjoy. Unfortunately, at his young age, John is tasked with doing most of the household chores including washing the dishes, cleaning the compound, feeding the dogs, washing his aunt’s car, and several other tasks. He often comes from school late, and despite being tired, he has to do the mentioned chores. On several occasions, John is subjected to physical assault when he fails to do the household chores. At one time, he went to school with a cut on his face, and out of fear of being assaulted further by the aunt, he did not disclose the ordeal to his teachers. The fact that John is subjected to frequent physical abuse and mental torture has seen a significant decline in his grades despite being one of the top performers when he joined his current school.

As can be seen in the above case study, John is a victim of child abuse, and this seems to be having a significant impact on him. According to the Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) of 2010, child abuse is any act or failure to act on the side of the parent or person tasked with taking care of a child that leads to death, emotional or serious physical harm, sexual exploitation or abuse, or any act that presents an imminent risk of serious harm to a child. In the U.S., data or information on the number of children who die annually because of child abuse is obtained from death registries and mortality data. The World Health Organization estimates that in 2000, 57,000 deaths of children attributed to child abuse were reported. Further reports indicate that globally, infants and very young children are at a greater risk of child abuse. Of course, in the case study, long-term subjection to child abuse could have had adverse impacts on John such as isolation.

One of the ways of addressing the problem of child abuse faced by John is legal advocacy. This would involve coming up with a case against the actions of John’s aunt and arguing it in a courtroom. It would also involve holding campaigns with the aim of pushing for the enactment of stricter laws protecting the rights of children such as John. These forms of legal advocacy would be beneficial in that they would see the creation of an environment where all children enjoy their rights and lives with equality and respect. However, human service professionals advocating for John, especially in the judicial system, might encounter challenges such as bias from the judges and other court officials towards the defendant because of her high socioeconomic status. One problem in today’s judicial system is that the rich have their way whereas the poor suffer even when they are innocent. In this case, working closely with organizations fighting for the rights of children would help human service professionals to ensure justice for John.