Sample Psychology Essays on Abnormal Psychology

Despite patients with paranoid Schizophrenia exhibiting delusions, hallucinations and impaired socialization, they can live near-complete lives. However they cannot be entrusted with making key decisions on serious matters, social or economic. Partial facilitation can be made possible through timely medical and psychological counseling interventions. Medications can also be administered to work towards reducing and eliminating psychotic episodes in the patients. Trigger factors that aggravate psychotic episodes should be established and put away including alcohol, drugs and severe stress factors. However due to the long recommended period of six months for the symptomatic diagnosis of Schizophrenia, permanent mediation interventions could prove ineffective.

Patients with such paranoia can be able to maintain successful marriages as long as they seek medication and psychiatric interventions on time. Though the burden during the symptomatic phase on one partner could prove to be tiresome, understanding and patience during this period are invaluable. Often the patients wallow in a microenvironment due to delusions and hallucinations (Comer and Comer 788). They would therefore be unavailable, in part or totality, for emotional bonding and connection with their partners in marriage. Socially their interactions would be greatly impeded especially due to delusions. Society may not want to accept their condition readily and could shun them as mad.

The government is mandated to protect its citizenry from self –harm and harm from others using means dictated by the complexities of the situations. This mandate is however limited to threatening situations. The government should therefore act within its limitations. Arresting or institutionalizing such persons with paranoia without their consent or against their will is in gross violation of their liberties. Consent has to be sought from relevant social organizations for the patients to receive medical care. However it should be noted that psychotic episodes precipitated in paranoia Schizophrenia patients could prove dangerous to their families and the public especially if these internal voices inherent of auditory hallucinations command them to indulge in crime.

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