Sample Psychology Paper on Acne and Milk, the Diet Myth, And Beyond

Acne and Milk, the Diet Myth, And Beyond

Researchers have for the past decades strived to provide evidence supporting the old theory that is surrounded by myths associating acne with diet. For many years, consumption of milk has been highly associated with an increasing risk of acne. The myths have hence been supporting that individuals who are suffering from acne should avoid consuming milk. The article has analyzed the possibilities that are available to help in relating acne with consuming milk and hence justify the existing myths.

The article has indicated that although the relationship between the diet and acne has not been substantiated, the association has been deemed to exist. Different controlled studies have indicated the non-existence of the connection between diet and acne. According to the article, an extensive review was conducted in the year 2001 involving evidence report on the management of acne. In the review that involved 274 clinical trials of acne found only one paper that cited diet, however, no single trial reported, particularly on patients’ diet. The article has outlined a researcher who used isolated communities that consume minimally processed carbohydrates and do not use dairy products. The researcher suggested that insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) plays a significant role in causing acne. Milk has been proved to contain IGF-1, and hence consumption of milk could result in an increased stimulation level of endogenous IGF-1.

The article supports the need for the investigations and further studies that would help prove beyond reasonable doubt the diet myth that surrounds the relationship that exists between the acne and milk. The article is advocating for the use of current methods of evaluating the association that link the dietary dairy intake and the diseases that arise in the tissues that are hormonal sensitive. It also recommends on evaluating the components of milk that could be major culprits and hence avoiding it in a diet. The facts would enable people to consume nutritious diets while avoiding acne effects.