Sample Psychology Paper on Application of Psychology

In the film We Need to Talk about Kevin, psychology played an important role in how the characters interacted and what happened. The British-American movie is based on a young man, Kevin, who was incarcerated after having committed an offense (Ramsay, 2011). On the past timeline, his mother, Eva, recollects his life so far. Throughout his life, Kevin was a difficult child. As a baby, he cried desperately, resisted going to the bathroom, and was unaffectionate towards his mother. He displayed a different personality to his father, which made it challenging for Eva to seek help. As a teenager, his father trained him to use a bow and arrow as a sport, but Kevin used the skill to kill his sister’s pet and destroy her eye. In the end, he murders his father, sister, and teachers, driving his mother into emptiness, sadness, and public humiliation.

Kevin is a psychopath. According to Drayton, Santos & Baskin (2018), psychopathy is an antisocial personality disorder characterized by impaired empathy, tenacious antisocial behaviors, boldness, and narcissistic traits. He understood the values and precepts governing society and adapted them, except when committing criminal acts. As a sadistic, Kevin enjoyed inflicting suffering towards others, as evidenced by his open resentment towards Eva, violent acts, and the numerous murders he carried out. Kevin’s mother was going through emotional turmoil. She was frustrated for giving birth to an evil person; she felt lonely, and faced the acute agony of losing her family. She was still patient with her son although that he continued to ignore her while in prison. However, Eva regretted having withdrawn from her career and felt uncomfortable with the role of a mother. Kevin’s antisocial personality and his mother’s unresolved feelings dictated their interactions with others and their atypical life outcomes.



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