Sample Psychology Paper on aspects of the Psychoanalytic Theory

Assignment: Chapter 4 What does this mean to me? Reflection Activity

1) Can you apply any aspects of the psychoanalytic theory to your own personal growth? Mention a few specific areas of this approach that could help you deepen your self-understanding?

2)  Identify one or two specific key concepts of psychoanalytic therapy that you think you could apply in your counseling practice. Although you may not use psychoanalytic techniques, how can you think and conceptualize in a psychodynamic way?


Chapter 7: Person-Centered Therapy

  • Reflect on what you imagine it would be like for you to be a client with a person-centered therapist. How do you think you would react to a lack of structure and direction from a therapist?
  • If you were to restrict your counseling practice to the framework of person-centered therapy, how would this be for you?


Assignment: Chapter 14 What does this mean to me? Reflection Activity

  • what significant ways, if any, do you see yourself as having a distinct identity and being psychologically separate from your family of origin? And in what ways, if any, are you still psychologically fused with your family of origin? Are there any aspects of this that you want to change?
  • what kind of training and experience do you think would be necessary before you could conduct family therapy?