Sample Psychology Paper on Cognitive Processing Therapy


When an individual has been faced with any traumatic experience, it can be a very constricting variant in their everyday activities. They tend to hold back and this can be very debilitating to them. A recent experience with sexual abuse for example altered several aspects of my life. Sex abusers usually like to justify their actions and blame the victims.  I experienced sexual abuse from the day I was born. It was administered in various ways, the clothes he bought for me to wear, how he wanted me to act and sometimes even rape itself. My step father, Clide, unfortunately subjected me to all these. He married my mother when she was already pregnant and as a result, thought he was doing me a favour by taking me in and accepting me. He believed in administering punishments whenever I offended or wronged him. Some of these punishments made me uncomfortable and upon any slight resistance, prompted him to get even more creative and vile.


An incident like that painted lifetime scars in me that can be managed by things such as therapy. I felt unsafe in several different ways. I could not stay with people especially men and got occasional flashbacks from past incidents. Trust also became an issue and I would as a result pass on many harmless opportunities. I became more withdrawn because I experienced esteem issues. I struggled making friendships with male people especially or even getting intimate when in relationships. This is because of the constant reminder of past experiences. I want a social life but feel more comfortable and safer when on platforms such as social media. I want to believe there is a better future for me and other trauma victims in therapy.