Sample Psychology Paper on Couple and family theory Integration Paper

Couple and family theory Integration Paper


Theories addressed Student addressed each of the theories discussed this semester, with an emphasis on how you will use what pieces from each of the following theories: sociocultural attunement model, behavioral therapy, strategic therapy, contextual therapy, emotionally focused couples therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, narrative therapy, and collaborative language-based systems.


Description of how these theories inform your case conceptualization, clinical goals, interventions, what you focus on, and how you work clinically. presents a clear description of how each of the models informs their clinical work. How do these goals guide you in assessment, making sense of what is happening with your client, why they are stuck, and what might be helpful for them? Describe which interventions you will use from each theory and how you personally plan to use those interventions in given situations. Please do not describe what these theories are, or what the interventions are , but instead please write about which pieces of each theory you will use, how you will use it, in what contexts, and your rationale for doing so.


Your choice of theory with which presenting concerns/populations. Please share what preferences you have from the theories discussed for working with various presenting concerns (e.g., depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, those in crisis, grief, or moderate stress), various populations (e.g., LGBT, BIPOC, lower income, kids, teens, emerging adults, middle-age, and older adults), and various types of clients (e.g., individuals, couples, families, group therapy).



Writing clarity, grammar, spelling, punctuation, APA format (5 points). No major errors or problems with grammar, or spelling. Sections of paper were clearly outlined with headings. Writing was clear and easy to understand points made. APA format perfectly followed throughout. Title page and reference page included. Paper was precisely five double-spaced pages, with 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. References for each theory discussed was cited in text with a complete reference list at the end. In this paper, it is not a place to do a lot of quotes or citing of other people’s ideas, but rather a place for you to integrate how you currently plan to use each of these theories. It is customary and expected to cite the theories you use. For example, if you say the following sentence, you should cite the theory, “I incorporate multiple elements of EFT (Johnson, 2020) into my clinical work with couples.”