Sample Psychology Paper on Ethical Consideration of Historical Studies

You will be provided with a structured template which will be a table summary of the BPS Code of Human Research Ethics for this assessment. Using this table, you will critically consider whether each standard of the ethical code appears to be upheld in one of the three outlined studies. Please be very clear on the table as to which of the three pieces of research you are reviewing. Once you have completed the table, you will need to provide a summary document for your observed violations for each of the overarching ethical principles (also provided within the coursework template).

1000 words

Modern Takes on Historical Studies

For this assignment, you need to put together a 10 slide presentation, accompanied by a written narration.


The slides should include a title slide (slide 1) and a reference slide (slide 10) and should be presented in PowerPoint.


The written narration should not exceed 1500 words and should be presented in either Word or pdf format. It should not replicate what is included on the slides, but should complement and elaborate on the slide content.


The content of the presentation will be based on the ethical considerations you made in assignment 1. You should take these and outline a modern ethical assessment of the same psychological construct considered in the original study/experiment you considered in assignment 1. It is important that you do not attempt to design a study/experiment, but that you give most of your consideration into an ethical assessment so that it would comply with current BPS guidelines.


To be a little clearer. You need to say what was unethical about the study you are looking at. Then you need to address those observations and say how they could be changed if the study were to run again, in an ethical manner that complies to the BPS Code of Human Research Ethics. In order to do this, you will need to think about the ways you would change the original methodology to address the key points noted below.


There are as many different options here as there are imaginations! What we are really interested in is that you can demonstrate the application of the current ethical guidelines to human research.


In order to facilitate the slide production, please consider the following key inclusions, and consult the assessment feedback form for indication of what you are to cover:


Succinct overview of study and psychological construct being considered

Who would your participants be and how would you obtain their ethical approval to partake in your study? For example, one of the criticisms of Milgram’s study was that it had a sampling bias. This might be rectified by having a more cross-sectional sample.

What would you have the participants do? How would this measure the same psychological construct without violating current ethical principles and/or standards. An example hereof might be that in Milgram’s experiments, participants were visibly uncomfortable with the situation and what was asked of them. This is a risk to their mental health and wellbeing that should be avoided.

How would your measurements/assessments link to the psychological construct being assessed? For example, in Milgram’s experiments, the researcher was in the room urging the participant to ‘keep going’. Therefore, it could be argued that the research was measuring coercion rather than obedience, thus not measuring the construct of interest. A more ethical approach would need to ensure that the psychological construct of interest is being measured.


Your submission should be 1500 words in length


Please make sure that you correctly cite and reference all sources you use, and include a reference list. The reference list will not be included in your final word count.