Sample Psychology Paper on experiences of families in a multiethnic society

**The purpose of this assignment is to become more aware of the experiences of families in a multiethnic society. Students are tasked with informing a specific audience of the various experiences of families as discussed in class. You can explore aspects of life pertaining to a specific ethnic group or explore a general topic as it relates to class. You must create an ORIGINAL product based on the exploration and research of your chosen topic. For example, you could create a PSA (Public Service Announcement), podcast, booklet, video clip, object/device, website, song, poster, etc. You can be as creative as you’d like! for a summary paper of relevant research, the development of the project, and a write up describing how you would inform others of what you have learned.

Week 3 – Project proposal:

Describe in a few paragraphs:

-The topic(s) you plan to focus on in your project.
-Your plan for your product (enough detail that I know what the final product will look like)
-A brief discussion of a plan for disseminating your research and product
-Also include at least one empirical article that you plan to use in your summary paper

Week 5: We Can Change the World Project

You will turn in project materials:
-A summary of research on the topic that informs your product idea and construction:
-At least 5 pages APA (7th edition) format – double spaced, Times New Roman, -12-point font, 1-inch margins
-An APA (7th edition) style reference list of relevant literature/sources that informed the product construction:
-6 sources minimum; at least 4 must be empirical sources that are not supplied as course content
-See (Links to an external site.) for information on what “empirical source” means
-See to an external site. for info on how to link your Google Scholar account to UNR
-See to an external site. for lots of information on how to search for articles, how to avoid plagiarism, how to cite in APA format, etc.
– A copy of or link to the ORIGINAL project product(s):
E.g., PSA typed up, video clip, song lyrics, copy of brochure, handout, booklet, training protocol, podcast recording, etc.

Write up (one half to a full page),
-describing how you would present your product to others. Who is your audience? How would you go about ensuring that the information from your product is accessible? Would you do an informational campaign? A webinar? A seminar? Something online or in-person? Would you design a power point or have a panel of guest speakers? Essentially I want to see a plan here for how you would inform others about what you have learned using your product that you designed