Sample Psychology Paper on psychologist David Wechsler

This week we are focusing on objective assessment and projective assessment and those sections of the sample report. (The MMPI results begin at the bottom of page 9 and the TAT begin toward the bottom of page 10).

Let’s repeat what we did last week- imagine that Jose is here with you. Please explain to him, in plain English, his test results on the MMPI-2 and the TAT.

What are his areas of strengths?

Jose took the WAIS test. The test was designed by psychologist David Wechsler, who believed that intelligence was made up of a number of different mental abilities rather than a single general intelligence factor(Susman, PhD,2020). Jose scored higher in the PRI which is the perceptual Reasoning and in the WMI which is the working memory index. They were both in the low average range but for his purposes these areas scored higher than his verbal comprehension and processing speed index scores.
The PRI is an area that shows how well a person can accurately comprehend or interpret and organize with information that is shown to them visually. It looks at how well a person can understand nonverbal skills in reasoning. This would really measure a person’s visual perceptual abilities when it comes to retaining information.

WMI looks at if a person is given information then the ability to retain the information and then perform a task from it.

What are his areas of weakness?

Jose’s weaker areas were in the VCI and PSI. VCI is the verbal comprehension and the PSI is the processing speed. The VCI is about being able to speak the language. This shows if a person is able to use, think and understand the spoken language. It also looks at how well the individual can retrieve or recall things in their long term memory.

PSI is about measuring motor speed and visual speed. It is about taking visual information and how well and quickly a person can process or how efficiently the person can process.

How did he do overall when compared to peers of the same age?

Overall Jose did low average on his test and compared to his peers in the same age bracket he was in the low range. If he is scoring 80-89 which is the below average range the average person his age would typically fall in the range of 97 range.


Susman, PhD, 2020. The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale. Retrieved from

What are his results on the validity scales of the MMPI-2 (be specific)?
What are his results on the clinical scales of the MMPI-2 (be specific)?
What did the TAT reveal about him?

ollow this link for the trainings and information Pearson publishes for the MMPI-2:
At the bottom of the page, please read the first three links titled:
Introduction to MMPI-2
Interpretation of MMPI-2 Validity Scales
Interpretation of MMPI-2 Clinical Scales
In order to understand the TAT results, please see this link:
Chapter 13 in: Goldstein, G., Allen, D. N., & Deluca, J. (Eds.). (2019). Handbook of psychological assessment. Retrieved from the Presentation section of your course under Module 5