Sample Psychology Paper on The effects of CBT on Adolescent’s’ Violent behavior and family wellbeing

Course: Child and Family Therapy
Students can choose from a range of theories/models including the established theoretical models such as Experiential, Psychodynamic, Transgenerational, Structural, Strategic etc as well as the postmodern theories such as Narrative, Dialogical, Solution focused etc.

Q1- You are assigned a topic to prepare a report based on the following guidelines: (15 points):
1. Introduction and statement of the problem addressed
2. Short literature review of the problem (3pgs minimum)
3. Etiologies of the analysed problem based on family theories and research findings (provide citations).
4. Treatment procedures as per your understanding. You may choose any treatment modality based on your clinical judgement. Make sure you provide justification.
5. Conclusion – include your opinion about the efficacy of treatment procedures presented.

Identify TWO relevant (family or children) cases related to your topic. Provide a detailed analysis based on the following guidelines. The detailed information must be provided in the Assessment and treatment procedures. (15 points).
1. Find a relevant case study related to the topic assigned to you.
2. Identify the presenting problem in this case
3. Explain the assessments procedures you would apply to help you get pertinent information about the case in hand
4. Organize case conceptualization based on the information you collected in order to have a proper understanding of client’s presenting problem and therapeutic needs.
5. Identify the treatment goals that may lead to the case improvement or achieving the therapeutic needs.
6. Make a relevant treatment plan and support your plan with references. Suggest the effective techniques and explain how you will apply them in helping your client recover from the presenting problem
7. Provide your prognosis about this case.
8. Finally, write a short conclusion of what you have learned in the analysis of these two cases?

NB: A- Use citations to support your arguments and provide references used in the preparation of your paper.
B- APA style is preferred.
C- There is no minimum or maximum page requirement for this paper.